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    Habitat for Humanity takes a group of dedicated volunteers,  who in turn builds simple decent houses in partnership with people in need in the community. Through generous donations of time, building materials and investment, Habitat houses are sold to families at no profit, financed with affordable no-interest loans.

    AHFA is a public entity committed to serving the housing requirements of low and average earnings Alabamians and was created by the Alabama Legislature. The following target is reached as a result of reasonable funding of risk-free, single family and multifamily housing.

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    Utilizing the Synergy of the AHFA and Habitat for Humanity relationship, AHFA acquires home owner loans from Alabama’s Thirty seven Habitat affiliate sites. This action enables the associates to receive the loan amount beforehand in a one time payment while AHFA will get the monthly payments towards the lifespan of the loan. The affiliate then makes use of the initial funds to produce more real estate for low income individuals and their families. Because AHFA’s regulations prohibits purchasing home mortgages from organizations other than banks, the Habitat associate solicits the assistance of any local loan provider to provide a conduit for the transaction of the home loan. The associate promotes the house loan at par towards the local bank, which in turn provides the loan at par to AHFA. By way of this particular action, the partner is also in the position to cultivate a relationship with the neighborhood loan company and also position themselves for potential future economical aid. This kind of advantageous circle unites the regional Habitat members, the loaning community and AHFA to supply Alabama’s less privileged families help up straight into home ownership.

    AHFA has assigned $ 13 million dollars towards this method of providing housing, paying for three hundred and forty four mortgages since ’92


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