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    Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is among the most beautiful states in the U.S. Beautiful mountains, distinct perfect and unique climates, the high northern deserts, and a wide array of various ecosystems make it nearly the perfect place to live. The one thing that makes it less than perfect is the housing situation and the foreclosure rate.

    Arizona comes in at number three for the states which are currently processing the most mortgages. In April, according to RealtyTrac, one in every 242 people or households will receive that foreclosure notice, or are seriously behind on their mortgages.

    What relief is the state of Arizona offering for those who fall behind through the bad economy, are out of work and can’t pay their mortgage orĀ  are suffering other financial setbacks> Fortunately there is help out there, although it’s not well publicized in the case of Arizona.

    In a state that takes such pride in their technology, one might expect to find multiple websites out there to assist you in your Arizona mortgage foreclosure prevention. The reverse tends to be true. When seeking out information for Arizona in an effort to place it all in one venue for your use, we found a great deal of digging was in order.

    Oddly enough, government mortgage assistance programs in Arizona tend to be few and far between, with a Google using those key words bringing us back mortgage down payment help numerous times. It tends to be disconcerting doesn’t it?

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    The truth is that Arizona mortgage assistance is out there.Honest it is!!

    Arizona mortgage assistance does exist, it’s just finding it that takes some time. HUd offers HUD approved counselors in Arizona to help you to avoid the foreclosure that so many in Arizona are being faced with. You can access those counselors and find a means of loan modification by working with your lender.

    As in most other states, the bank doesn’t want your home folks. They will work with you in many ways, because the truth is that the housing market at this point in time, just isn’t there. Home prices are down, and foreclosures are up. It behooves your financial institution to work with you, and most will do so provided that you dont’ ignore those all important demands for payment and begin to take action immediately to counter the foreclosure efforts.

    Further steps to gain Arizona government mortgage assistance may be taken at the Arizona Department of Housing Foreclosure Education Page, where you will find information on agencies that may be able to assist you with the legalities of rental and foreclosure.

    While there are no specific legislations in the works to halt the rising tide of foreclosure in Arizona, there are companies who will work with you to help you to prevent foreclosure. The Obama government incentives for halting foreclosure in Arizona are workable here however so taking advantage of the companies who will work with you under Obama’s home rescue efforts may be one way to gain the modification that you need in order to keep your home.

    Arizona also provides you with a Housing and Foreclosure hotline, so that you can take action immediately to stop foreclosure on your home.

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