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    Sacramento_Capitol_california If you are reading this then you are no doubt one of hundreds of thousands of Americans with a mortgage that has become nearly impossible to maintain. The state of California is seeing the highest rate of foreclosure in the history of the mortgage industry. Whether you have lost your job, your income has changed or simply cannot afford your mortgage payment any longer, there are ways to get help.

    Before seeking help, one important thing to remember is that banks do not want to take your home. Sure, when it comes down to it, the banks will foreclose to protect their interest but foreclosure is extremely costly to the banks and will often cause them to lose money. It is more beneficial for the banks to work with you rather than against you.

    When you are having trouble paying your mortgage, there are many different options that you can turn to. There are currently many options for government mortgage help in the state of California. The help you seek will of course be dependent on certain guidelines and restrictions.

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    Here are just some of the options available to homeowners in California:
    1. The Making Home Affordable Program – This program is the brainchild of President Obama. There are actually two parts to this program. The first is the Home Affordable Refinance. Under this plan, if you are making your mortgage on time each month but can’t refinance due to owing more than the home is worth, this option may be able to help you refinance into a more affordable rate. The second option is the Home Affordable Modification. This option is for those who are behind on their payments or actually already in the foreclosure process. This plan can also be used by those who have experienced a recent hardship. Under this option you can modify your payments to get you into a payment that you can better afford.

    2. HOPE for Homeowners – The HOPE for Homeowners program is for borrowers who are having trouble making their mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure. The HOPE for Homeowners program will refinance borrowers who can’t afford their current mortgage but would be able to afford a new loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

    3. Local Resources – Depending on the county that you live in, there are various groups and organizations that can help you save your home. There are a lot of groups such as Consumer Credit Counseling and Acorn that can be of assistance if you are facing foreclosure. All of these organizations have different programs available.
    Worrying about losing your home can be very traumatic and at times, it can overtake your life. Take solace in knowing that there is assistance out there. You simply have to find it and begin the process.

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