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    Many families find their homes in danger of being foreclosed on during these tough economic times. When you are in this situation, Indiana State Mortgage Help is available. A number of resources have been put into place to help those who find they cannot pay their house payment as agreed.
    The Home Affordable Modification Program, started under the Obama Administration, continues for those who need to modify their house payment due to a change in their financial situation. A number of programs are offered, depending on your personal situation. You may lower your monthly payment or your interest rate. A program is in place for those who have a second mortgage they are unable to make payments on and those whose home is underwater now have help. Many are unemployed at this time and financial relief is available. Foreclosure is not the only option you have at this time so contact the program today and see how they can be of assistance to you.
    http://www.877gethope.org/The Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network has created a public-private partnership of housing related organizations, government agencies, community service organizations and lenders to help those who find themselves in danger of foreclosure. A number of programs are offered, ranging from assistance in developing a written financial plan to help in contacting mortgage providers. If needed, a referral to a certified foreclosure intervention specialist will be provided. These statewide programs are available to anyone who is concerned about losing their home.
    Many legal organizations are set up to help those in danger of foreclosure. When Indiana mortgage aid is needed and you feel your legal rights have been violated, turn to the Attorney General of the state. The Indiana courts have set up a listing o foreclosure prevention resources and the same is true of Indiana legal services. Help is available even for those who have no funds to pay an attorney, due to changed financial situations. It’s all a matter of asking as there are many who are willing and able to help in this situation.
    If you have missed a mortgage payment or are in danger of doing so, get help immediately. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can get Indiana mortgage help. With many Indiana foreclosure prevention resources available to help home owners, one is sure to be right for you. Doing so can help you to keep your home until you get back on solid footing again.
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    Mortgage Assistance Available in Oregon

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    It’s no secret to anyone that the United States has been facing a serious economic crisis for the last several years, which has negatively affected everything from overseas trade to local job loss and nationwide reductions in wages. Many families are literally struggling to meet their basic needs, and Oregon has been hit especially hard by the recession. Oregon homeowners who are facing foreclosure may qualify for assistance through a variety of different state and national programs, including the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Program (OHSI), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), and The Foreclosure Avoidance Mediation Program, as well as several others.


    Wisconsin Mortgage Assistance Program

    Foreclosure rates have reached an all-time high in the Unites States and in the state of Wisconsin. Every homeowner’s story is different, but in the end they all feel the same: frustrated, angry and possibly even helpless, in addition to many other emotions. If your financial situation has recently declined due to job loss or some other reason and you are facing foreclosure, you should be aware that there is Wisconsin mortgage help available and you don’t have to simply allow your mortgage company to reclaim the home that you have worked so hard for. Here are some options for you if you are interested in taking advantage of the various types of Wisconsin mortgage assistance programs available:
    If you have attempted to negotiate with your lender on your own yet have failed to reach an agreement, a Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge has approved the implementation of a special program which consists of volunteer mediators who will mediate on your behalf, provided the mortgage company agrees to participate.
    A professional mediator can assist you in negotiating a modification in your loan that will enable you to pay lower payments or assist you with regaining control over your mortgage payments in some other manner. The mediator can also persuade the lender to agree to waive any applicable fees, including loan revision fees as well as late or delinquent charges.
    Housing and Foreclosure Assistance
    With the intent of preventing foreclosure within the state of Wisconsin, several non-profit organizations have joined forces with participating government agencies to form the Dane County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce. This group of individuals’ goal is to provide Wisconsin government mortgage help to eligible homeowners. This program can assist individuals through prevention, intervention and then stabilization.
    Direct Assistance from Mortgagers
    The state of Wisconsin has negotiated deals with some specific lenders in order to help individuals who are at risk foreclosure. Bank of America has agreed to revise the loans of some homeowners facing foreclosure, and they will also waive the usual loan modification fees. In addition, Bank of America has dedication over $40 million dollars toward assisting struggling homeowners. Furthermore, this particular lender has agreed to waive any early pay-off fees in the event that a borrower decides to refinance their home.
    JP Morgan Chase, another major home lender, has opened a new center that provides housing counseling to individuals in your situation. This new center is staffed with specially trained foreclosure prevention counselors who will meet one-on-one with borrowers and provide them with free advice as well as assistance.
    Other Sources
    There is also the option to visit your local county social services office. No matter which county you live in, there are funds set aside in order to provide relief in situations involving a financial crisis. As long as you’re able to show proof that you are at risk of foreclosure, the Department of Social Services will ask that you complete an application and interview before deciding if you qualify for assistance or not. Assistance is typically available to those in certain income brackets, but if you make more than minimum wage, it is certainly worth a shot to apply and see if you’re approved. Any assistance that you can receive with catching up on your mortgage payments brings you one step closer to the end of your financial problems. Furthermore, homeowners have even requested assistance from their place of worship, and many churches will take up a special collection if they are aware of your particular circumstances.
    Obviously there are various resources available throughout the state of Wisconsin that can provide you with the assistance necessary to keep your home in the event foreclosure is imminent. Many agencies that provide Wisconsin mortgage help will also refer you to other agencies that can assist with job training and placement as well as assistance in other ways. If you require further assistance, simply ask your housing counselor, who can hopefully refer you to the appropriate agency that can give you the help that you need.
    CHFA EMAP Program for Homeowners

    CHFA EMAP Program for Homeowners


    The CHFA EMAP Program for Homeowners in Difficult Situations
    The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) has established a number of programs to assist citizens in danger of losing their home during these tough economic times. Mortgage assistance loans, free counseling services and innovative refinance opportunities are offered. If you are in danger of losing your home, look into one or more of these programs to see if they are right for you.

    Foreclosure Prevention Counseling-This type of counseling is available for those possibly facing foreclosure. A counselor works with the homeowner and lender to find a solution both parties can agree on.
    Connecticut Fair Alternative Mortgage Lending Initiative and Education Programs-Many families qualify for a lower-interest, fixed-rate loan under this refinancing program. Families facing a financial hardship that was unexpected may qualify.
    The Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program-This program offers temporary monthly mortgage payment assistance for those homeowners facing foreclosure as a result of a financial hardship. These payments are made for up to five years and the EMAP loan is secured using a subordinate, fixed-rate mortgage on the property. These loans must be repaid and there are limited funds to assist homeowners so the repayment of the EMAP mortgage begins when the homeowner’s financial situation improves sufficiently.

    To learn more about these programs, contact the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority directly. Important changes have recently been made to the chfa emap program to allow more homeowners to benefit. Homeowners with a mortgage insured by the FHA can now apply for these loans and those who are in danger of foreclosure due to delinquent condominium fees, taxes or assessments may apply. Pension and retirement funds must also be disclosed and certain portions may be retained while still allowing the borrower to apply for the loan.

    Who May Apply?

    Homeowners facing foreclosure, those who anticipate becoming 60 days delinquent on their mortgage, those who are currently 60 days behind and those who have received a notice of intent to foreclose may apply for chfa emap programs. Certain requirements must be met. The home owners may only have one home and must demonstrate a generally favorable credit history before the financial hardship occurred. In addition, the borrower must be in a situation where he or she can’t meet the current mortgage obligation while showing that he or she can make the repayments when they come due.

    Mortgages and Types of Property Eligible for These Programs

    First and/or second liens may be refinanced using these programs as long as they are on the primary residence. The property must be a single-family, two to four-family home (borrower must be owner-occupant on one unit), condominium or planned unit development. The property may not be used for commercial purposes nor can it be a vacation home, an investment or a rental property.

    Restrictions the Homeowner Must Be Aware Of

    Eligibility for the EMAP program must be recertified every year and no other loans may be taken out on the property while the homeowner is receiving this assistance. If a pre-existing mortgage is paid off while the assistance is taking place, the homeowner may be required to take the monthly payment which was going toward the now paid off mortgage and apply it to the monthly mortgage amount with is being assisted. If you have previously received assistance under this program, you may reapply if your financial situation changes and you find you need assistance again. Certain conditions must be met.

    Those who wish to have more information may contact the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority directly. Here one can learn more about the chfa emap income limit, program eligibility and more. Before taking this step, it is best to contact the lender directly to see if a program is available though the lender as CHFA funds are limited. The lender may be able to assist you through this difficult time and help you to keep your home while doing so.

    Florida State Mortgage Help-So You Can Stay in Your Home
    Florida State Mortgage Help is available for those in danger of losing their home. A number of Florida mortgage aid programs are offered along with emergency housing assistance and public housing. Bankruptcy and credit counseling are offered for those in this situation along with other resources. No matter what type of help you need when it comes to your home, look no further than Florida Prevention Resources to help you get your life back on track.

    Read more about the programs


    Are You Eligible For The Homesafe Georgia Program?

    Getting Help With Your Georgia Mortgage
    Like much of the rest of the country, Georgia is facing high unemployment rates and increasing foreclosures on homes. To counter this, the Homesafe Georgia program has begun, offering a home-equity type loan to homeowners, providing temporary help for the homeowner who is was unemployed or underemployed due to layoff.

    There are two types of assistance available: Payment and Reinstatement. Payment assistance occurs when you are still out of work or underemployed. This plan will make your payments for up to 18 months, along with your contribution to the plan, too. Reinstatement is for those who have once again found work, but still owe substantial unpaid mortgage payments, up to six months. With reinstatement assistance, one lump sum is paid to your lender, catching you up so that you can continue with your mortgage payments on your own.

    Who Can Qualify For This Program? (more…)

    Georgia State Government Programs that offer Mortgage Assistance

    There are many agencies and programs in the state of Georgia that want to help their citizens fight foreclosures on their homes, retain their homes and also to help purchase homes.  Georgia not only has these agencies that provide counseling, workshops and guidance, but they also have grants that support the state economy and increase access to better jobs and education by offering financial assistance that has loan forgiveness.

    Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs helps prevent foreclosures, offers bridge loans in the form of mortgage assistance and other aid to those who have lost work because of circumstances not their fault, through a program called “Homesafe Georgia,” that is funded by the United States Government’s “Hardest Hit Fund (HHF).”


    Texas Mortgage Help Programs

    Today, there is more need for families to refinance their mortgages for financial reasons, and it is harder for younger buyers to secure enough cash for the down-payment of their first home than a couple decades ago.  There are some federal programs that can assist first-time buyers such as The American Dream Act, Home Owners Emergency Loan Program, FREE HUD (department of Housing and Urban Development) Counseling and websites like FindHelp.org.

    Many states have also implemented their own programs to help people buy affordable homes in their communities, and refinance to lower interest rates, which also strengthens their economies and improves the quality of life.  In the third quarter of 2012, the percentage of Americans that did not own their own home decreased 7% nationwide from just a month ago, and 16% from one year ago.  These sizable decreases are attributed mostly to five states: California, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and Michigan.


    California Mortgage Help 2012


    Quite honestly, the economy is still in the recovery mode. Because of this – there are people who continue to have problems making their respective payments on their mortgages each and every month. This is especially true in the state of California. Well, the good news is – there is help. California mortgage help is available for those finding it difficult to make their mortgage payments. The key will be to know exactly where to look, and what to look for in terms of your specific financial difficulty.


    In the paragraphs that follow, you are going to learn some detailed information that pertains to help with your mortgage. After reading through the information provided below, you’re going to have a better understanding of the steps you need to take to get back on track, as well as the programs available that will help you do so.


    The Different Forms of Financial Hardship and the Programs available to Help you Deal with Them.


    DSHA Mortgage help

    The premier state organization providing mortgage assistance in Delaware is the Delaware State Housing Authority. The Organization was established in 1968 and was later incorporated into the Community Affairs Department in 1970, and the Delaware Economic Development Office in 1987. Finally, it was incorporated in 1998.

    In 1968 the DSHA started with a working budget of $100,000. Those initial assets have since grown to $500 million, mainly thanks to the issuing of tax-exempt revenue bonds.


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