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  • coloradoThe Rocky Mountains is a great place to live. Waking up to a new adventure each day in the diverse landscape of Colorado gives you the opportunity to work and to play in such amazing ecosystems as the alpine forests, the high mountain regions or the semi arid lower areas.

    The wildlife such as the Big Horn sheep and the huge shaggy bears keeps you busy photographing, while the fast running rivers bring opportunities to kayak or white water raft.

    It’s a certainty that you don’t want to lose your Colorado home, but Colorado is suffering from the same blight that much of the rest of the country is enduring currently.

    Fifth on the list for the top ten states that are undergoing the most foreclosures in the United States, Colorado homes aren’t as secure as we wish they were during our current recession. How can you find a way to prevent a foreclosure on the home of your dreams?

    Fortunately while Colorado has some real economic problems, Colorado government foreclosure help exists to do all that they can to help you prevent foreclosure in Colorado.

    First up, the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline is waiting to get you connected with housing counselors who are part of non-profit agencies that will give you all the information that you need on your options when you’re facing a home foreclosure in Colorado.


    They will also help to facilitate your discussion with your lenders, and no charge is ever incurred by the borrower for these foreclosure prevention services in Colorado We repeat, these services are available to you for free through the state of Colorado. ‘

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    When you’re behind on your mortgage payments you need to immediately call your lenders and let them know whats happening. Taking advantage of some of the incentives that the Obama mortgage rescue legislation put into place is smart thinking. Begin by contacting your lender and finding out if you qualify for any of the programs that are out there to lower your interest rates, refinance your mortgage or perhaps even skip a payment or two and put it closer to the end of your mortgage schedule so that you’ve got some breathing space to find that new job or income.

    The time to act is as soon as you believe you may be in danger of missing a mortgage payment, not after you miss two or three. If you feel there is a danger that you may miss a payment, or have received a notice of foreclosure, don’t avoid the issues. The longer you delay communication with your lender the less likely that you will have an opportunity to save your home in Colorado from foreclosure.

    The Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition.

    The Colorado Foreclosure Hotline was created by and is sponsored by the Colorado Foreclosure Prevention Task Force.

    Together wtih both public and private groups, the task force, being concerned about the high rate of foreclosures and the impact that they were having on Colorado communities began studies of how to save homes. Among the other groups that they work with are:

    * The Colorado Division of Housing
    * JP Morgan CHASE
    * The Colorado Association of REALTORSĀ®
    * Freddie MacĀ®
    * The Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

    There are also HUD approved Foreclosure counselors available to you in Colorado. If you need help with your conversations, your communication or you just aren’t sure where to start, working with one of the above groups may give you some relief and help you to save your home.

    Colorado government mortgage asisstance and foreclosure prevention doe exist. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity you might have to prevent a foreclosure on your home in Colorado by using the tools that the state of Colorado provides.

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