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    If the economy has hit your family hard as it has many others in recent years, you have undoubtedly run behind on bills that in the past were a non issue. Juggling cramped funds can be at the least a headache, but more seriously can turn into a life altering problem when you are unable to keep up with the mortgage on your home.
    In order to help Connecticut families along the way to financial recovery without losing the important stability of their homes, there are several programs offering some relief from the burden of a mortgage that is heading toward foreclosure. The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) 860-571-3500 is offering the CT Families Program which offers you the option to refinance with a 30 year fixed loan. You may still qualify in many cases even when your mortgage has become higher than the worth of your home. Your burden may further be relieved by help with closing costs on the second mortgage.
    A valuable option available to those who do not qualify for the CT Families program, is the Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP) 860-721-9501. If you have been unsuccessful in resolving your delinquency through personal contact with your mortgage holder or mortgage counselor, and you cannot find a way to financially restore your loan, you may qualify for this state provided assistance. You will be under a new, 30 year fixed rate loan. This provision is made for those undergoing credible financial hardship, who have taken the reasonable steps already listed to resolve the situation. Under Connecticut law, financial institutions are required to advise you of this resource when you are facing foreclosure.
    The third step to take, if you do not qualify for the above options, would be through the Homeowner’s Equity Recovery Opportunity (HERO) Program. Under this provision, The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority would have to determine that you do not qualify for CT Families or EMAP help. They then are able to negotiate with your mortgage holder to purchase the loan for the State of Connecticut. Once the mortgage is in the State’s hands, they can create reasonable terms for repayment by you, the homeowner.
    You may not have reached a state of emergency yet, but are struggling and unsure of the future. In this case, look into the The Mortgage Relief Program. This is a bank supported opportunity for homeowners who are dealing with high rate or non traditional loans. Various New England banks are participating. They can be a valuable resource, with information about both state and federal assistance programs, including Federal Housing Authority Loans and the MHA or “Obama Plan”. Citizens Bank, Sovereign Bank, TD Banknorth, Webster Bank, and Bank of America are participators.

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