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  • The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) is committed not only to providing adequate housing to Delaware residents but also to improving their quality of life. Take for instance the program we reviewed in our previous post: the Delaware Mortgage Assistance Program, which invests $650,000 of state tax dollars to the rehabilitation and renovation of low income homeowners.

    Other programs sponsored by the DSHA that promote the quality of life of its clients are the Live Near Your Work program and the Delaware First Homebuyers Program.

    The Delaware Live Near Your Work Program

    This program is designed to encourage workers to buy homes close to their places of work, more precisely, within three miles of them. This has all kinds of positive effects for workers, employers, the neighborhoods and the environment. The program provides a maximum $3,000 grant to qualifying buyers, which can go towards paying for downpayment and closing costs. The grant is shared between the state government, the employer and the local government where the neighborhood is located. If you are interested in this program, you must first convince your employer to contribute $1,000 towards the program. The State and the local government that manages the neighborhood of your new home will match that contribution to a total $3,000.

    You can start your application by contacting your human resources officer, to see if your company participates in this program. Then contact an approved housing counselor and a realtor to guarantee the home you choose complies with the programs requirements.

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    Please find below the list of companies that currently offer this program to their workers. If your company doesn’t, you can always encourage them to.

    To qualify, a property must be less than $378,000 if in New Castle, less than $228,625 if in Kent and less than $337,500 if in Sussex. It must be within 3-miles of your main place of employment. The DSHA provides a map to program applicants to help them select an eligible home.

    You must also confirm the jurisdiction where you work is participating in this program. Currently the jurisdictions of Wilmington, Milford and Georgetown are supporting this program.

    Employers who participate in the LNYW program.


    First Time Homebuyers Program.

    This program offers first-time buyers up to $888,470 in 30-year fixed-rate low-interest mortgages. The mortgage amount available will depend on the county you live in and the neighborhood you plan to move in.

    Eligibility depends on your income and the area you choose to buy your first home in. If you buy a home in a targeted area with a higher rate of foreclosed and abandoned homes, the program will allow you to apply for a bigger mortgage. Click here for more details on this program.

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