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  • The Delaware State Housing Authority does not only provide assistance to purchase and protect your home from foreclosure, it also helps homeowners maintain their homes in good repair and carry out necessary investments on their property. This assistance is provided through the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program. This article, the second in our series on the mortgage assistance of the State of Delaware, provides detailed information on the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program (HRLP).

    The Program

    The program offers low-interest (as low as 3 percent) loans of up to 35,000 dollars to low-income and medium-income homes who want to improve the safety and conditions of their home. The loans have a maximum term of 15 years.

    To apply for this program, you must also contact a housing counselor. Explain your circumstances and that of the house so the authority can assess the urgency of your case.

    How to Qualify

    To qualify for a HRLP you must approach one of the Delaware Local Administering agencies. These include the: Dept. of Real Estate and Housing in Wilmington, the NCC Community Development in New Castle, the Kent County Dept. of Planning and the Sussex County Housing Authority.

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    The review board will assess your application and decide about your eligibility based on your income and local region. For instance, if you live in New Castle County, Kent and Sussex counties you income must not exceed $70,800 and $62 ,650 respectively.

    If you are a tenant and wish to qualify for an improvement law, you also have the option of investing in your home. The maximum income for tenants applying for this program is $62,650 for New Castle County and $55,840 if you live in New Castle County.

    Property Features

    For a property to qualify for a HLF loan it must require modifications to make it accessible to people with  disabilities or require repairs to meet the Delaware State Housing Code.

    If you have more questions about this program, click here or call 302.577.5001. A DSHA customer care officer will provide any extra information you need.

    The Delaware State Housing Authority has received numerous awards and recognitions due to their commitment to their community and achievements in the housing sector. These awards include the 2010 Agency Award for Leveraging the Delaware Housing Partnership to fund the Second Mortgage Assistance Loan Program and the 2010 Agency for Program Excellence for the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS in 2003. In our next article we will look into these and other programs the DSHA has made available to the citizens of Delaware.

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