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  • floridaThe Sunshine State, Florida calls to mind visions of lovely orange groves in full bloom, perfect citrus groves, amazing flowers and unique wildlife, the Okeefenokee Swamps and the gorgeous trees hanging with Spanish moss, along some of the most pristine white sand beaches on earth. The nights are warm, and the night life is plentiful.


    What doesn’t seem to be so plentiful at this time in Florida are jobs, and where the economy is down, foreclosures tend to be up. Florida comes in fourth on the list of the most foreclosures in the United States, with about one in every 250 people getting a foreclosure as of April’s tally by RealtyTrac.

    If you are that one in 250 who is faced with foreclosure or you’re  behind in your mortgage payments and know that something is in the offing, what do you do to prevent foreclosure or find government mortgage assistance in Florida?

    First of all, there are more than one hundred mortgage prevention counselors in Florida and adjoining areas of Georgia. Get yourself some help, particularly if you’re not good at talking to your lender or service provider. Avoiding the issue isn’t going to help you, it’s going to do far more damage and keep you from getting the kind of assistance that you need right now.

    The mortgage incentives and programs that President Obama’s  and home rescue program envisioned do exist in Florida.  HUD approved counselors are ready to talk with you, to help you through your financial problems and to work as a liason between you and your lending company to find you the loan modifications that you need to enable you to keep your home.
    One attorney and Supreme Court Civil Mediator from Florida also offers this advice to you for preventing foreclosure.

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    Other places to seek assistance in the state of Florida also include the Florida Home Rescue services, who will work with your creditors and you to secure a new payment schedule, as well as to find a better interest rate for you.

    HUD, the Housing and Urban Development is working hard in FLorida, as it is in the other top ten states to find ways to prevent you from losing your home.

    Among the programs that they are offering are incentives for lenders, HUD counseling, assistance for those who have lost their jobs, as well as a new government foreclosure prevention program that is being offered under the FHA, or Federal Housing Administration that works well for those who still have relatively good credit. Hope for Homeowners is an FHA government means to help you prevent foreclosure that may assist you greatly in keeping your home.

    The FHA program permits you to refinance your home for a far more reasonable rate of interest that will bring your payments to an affordable level for you and may just prevent foreclosure.

    The key to preventing foreclosure in Florida is not only to take advantage of the Florida government mortgage foreclosure assistance programs, but also to act as quickly as you can.

    Prior to being more than two months behind on your payments, get in touch with your lender and find out what your options are, and whether they are working with the Obama Admistration’s foreclosure prevention incentives, so that you know what you can do to help yourself.

    Avoiding the issue isn’t going to resolve it, and it’s not going to go away. Take advantage of all of the government assistance that is out there now, including the HUD Counseling. The counselors in many cases will work with you, speaking to your lenders and explaining their options and what they can do to help you keep your ownership intact.

    Government mortgage assistance in Florida is a reality, and so is saving your home in many cases. Get promptly to work responding to your creditors demands so that they know you are willing to work to keep your home.

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