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  • The housing crisis that is hitting the U.S. is affecting everybody at some level. Seven million out of 11.3 million are at risk of foreclosing on their home, 24% own underwater mortgages and many have lost their homes. However, elderly people are one of the worst hit demographics as there is little many can do to find alternatives when they or the home that cares for them forecloses.

    Reports are showing a trend for evictions in senior care homes. Often the residents, the family or the staff that run the home know anything about the eviction until the police are at the door. This puts law enforcement agents in the impossible situation of having to evict residents that cannot care for themselves. Obviously, elderly care organizations and relatives are called and emergency arrangements are made.

    Unfortunately, the law does not force homeowners of elderly care homes to inform their clients when they are behind in their mortgage payments and are at risk of losing the home. Of course, the owners are going through their own hell, with the risk of losing their property and their business in one swift blow.

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    There are alternatives for homeowners of elderly care centers just as for any other homeowner. Although not everybody can qualify for mortgage aid programs it is a route worth trying. Digging our collective heads in the sand hoping for a miracle is not an option. It is much easier to apply for government mortgage aid if the mortgaged home is also your primary address. However, there are mortgage workouts that do not require the owner to be living in the home. Even if there is no way you can afford your mortgage payments, there are more graceful ways to close your business than simply wait for the Sheriff to knock on the door.

    The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives provides homeowners with several ways to wind up their mortgages in more efficient ways than a foreclosure. These measures include short sales and deed-in-lieu of mortgage. The program will also help you find alternative housing you can afford. Whatever the case owners of elderly care homes should inform their clients of the possibility of eviction, and laws to that effect are being drafted.

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