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    unemployment mortgage assistanceIf one has lost their income during the recession and do not wish to lose their house as well, there are government unemployment mortgage assistance programs that can help. The following steps will help any homeowner in their attempt to keep their home throughout these hard times.
    First, speaking to the lender who holds the mortgage on the home is a great place to begin. Often times, they will be able to adjust the mortgage terms to a lower rate for a longer period of time to fit into the new budget of the homeowner. Because the Federal government has continued to lower interest rates on home mortgages, lenders may be able to offer lower rates as well as a lower payment amounts. They will not be able to change the amount owed on the home. The length of the mortgage may be affected, meaning that the number of months that are left to pay on the loan will increase to compensate for the lowering of the payments. The lender does not want to repossess the home any more than the homeowner wants to lose it, so working together and communicating with the lender will help any homeowner keep their home as long as possible.
    Second, checking with the city or state?s branch of Family Services is a great way to find a replacement job. If the lender has agreed to lower the mortgage payments, there is still the problem of paying the mortgage bill. Finding a temporary job, perhaps at a fast food place or grocery store, will help the family keep the home while the bread winner looks for a job in their field of work with more pay and benefits. Family Services is a great resource for anyone needing help with the purchase of food or job training. These two issues can help free up some extra money to pay for the mortgage as well. Family Services should also have information on other government unemployment mortgage assistance programs that will help the struggling family cope with their losses.
    Third, there may be legal ways for the homeowner to access more funds to pay their mortgage. Seeking the advice of a lawyer is a great way to find out what other resources one has, aside from foreclosure or bankruptcy. Lawyers can help the homeowner clear up any misunderstandings or jargon from the bank that the homeowner may not understand. They may also have ideas from recently passed laws that can help the homeowner find money, such as the recent laws passed by the Obama administration. These laws can be found at most government web sites, including the MakingHomesAffordable.gov site. The biggest thing to remember with these services is that they should cost the homeowner nothing.
    Fourth, there are mortgage counselors who are independent of any banking or lending institution, which will be able to give the homeowner advice on government unemployment mortgage assistance programs. Often times, they have lists that are updated weekly which include new and older programs that will help people stay in their homes and keep their credit scores healthy. They can point out ways to save money, even if one person in the family is working instead of two. They may also have other resources, like free grocery and gas coupon sites that can be used to save money.
    Fifth, as a last resort and before declaring bankruptcy or foreclosure, the homeowner may consider renting out a room or two in their home to make ends meet. While this may not be an ideal situation, it can save the heartache of giving up the home and the adult whose job was lost can be at home to keep an eye on everything. Renting a room would mean that the income that was lost could be replaced without the other adult having to leave the home, which could also save money on childcare, if there are children in the home. If renting out a room is unsuitable to the homeowner, there are other ways to replace an income by working at home. One simply needs to be creative and look for a need in the community. Childcare, dog walking, house cleaning or any other small jobs can be a big help when one is relying on government unemployment mortgage assistance.

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