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    The Department of Hawaiian Homelands DHHL accepts applicants who wish to participate in programs which help those who qualify for aid that is Native Hawaiian Families who have an income of 80% or less of the HUD local area average. They must also be eligible to live in Hawaii. The applicants who wish to develop programs with the aim of helping in this regard can be local, non-profit or for-profit organizations. The programs can receive funding grants starting at $10,000. The programs can be eligible for funding if they are for Development including making affordable housing available, giving down payment or closing cost loans or direct lending.

    Housing Services which could include payments to prevent foreclosure. Housing Management such as loan processing and managing projects for affordable housing. There are other categories too. The Projects are to help the beneficiaries who meet the requirements over a year or more if necessary and must be related to the DHHL Native Hawaiian Housing Plan objectives. These objectives include making reasonably priced housing available for Hawaiian families of low income.

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    To understand the process of home buying and especially of first-time home purchase Homebuyer Education is vital. In Hawaii, those who are not too seriously disadvantaged financially and who can with the help of a counselor go through the necessary steps to property purchase, are directed to Level 1-Basic Management Homebuyer Education. Clients at level one will find that within six months to a year they are prepared to manage a mortgage. They are helped to prepare a plan of action, to develop a budget and shown how to achieve better credit scores. Aid is provided toward debt reduction as well as improving savings and income so that once they are on track with a mortgage the counselor won´t need to do very much to help the client to successfully buy the chosen property. If the client needs longer than a year to be prepared to take on a mortgage then the Level 2 Intensive Case Management Homebuyers Education Program is followed. The counselors will help the client to improve his credit rating and greatly reduce his debt as well as to save money and earn more so that the mortgage loan is a possibility.

    This is the same as in Level 1 but it will take more time to achieve the desired result. Due to the present financial crisis it is increasingly difficult to access credit and to qualify for a mortgage people have to meet quite strict qualifications. For this reason Post Home Ownership Counseling and Lease Cancellation Prevention is very important for those who are for the first time taking steps to buy a house. Counseling is available so that clients can be prepared in advance and ready to deal with financial difficulties such as losing employment, medical expenses or heavy debt. So that they can adapt successfully to the situation and avoid foreclosure service providers will help find different solutions toward financial planning which will go a long way to prevent mortgage foreclosure or lease cancellation. Hawaii is in this way helping Hawaiians become responsible homeowners.

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