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    Many families find their homes in danger of being foreclosed on during these tough economic times. When you are in this situation, Indiana State Mortgage Help is available. A number of resources have been put into place to help those who find they cannot pay their house payment as agreed.
    The Home Affordable Modification Program, started under the Obama Administration, continues for those who need to modify their house payment due to a change in their financial situation. A number of programs are offered, depending on your personal situation. You may lower your monthly payment or your interest rate. A program is in place for those who have a second mortgage they are unable to make payments on and those whose home is underwater now have help. Many are unemployed at this time and financial relief is available. Foreclosure is not the only option you have at this time so contact the program today and see how they can be of assistance to you.
    http://www.877gethope.org/The Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network has created a public-private partnership of housing related organizations, government agencies, community service organizations and lenders to help those who find themselves in danger of foreclosure. A number of programs are offered, ranging from assistance in developing a written financial plan to help in contacting mortgage providers. If needed, a referral to a certified foreclosure intervention specialist will be provided. These statewide programs are available to anyone who is concerned about losing their home.
    Many legal organizations are set up to help those in danger of foreclosure. When Indiana mortgage aid is needed and you feel your legal rights have been violated, turn to the Attorney General of the state. The Indiana courts have set up a listing o foreclosure prevention resources and the same is true of Indiana legal services. Help is available even for those who have no funds to pay an attorney, due to changed financial situations. It’s all a matter of asking as there are many who are willing and able to help in this situation.
    If you have missed a mortgage payment or are in danger of doing so, get help immediately. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can get Indiana mortgage help. With many Indiana foreclosure prevention resources available to help home owners, one is sure to be right for you. Doing so can help you to keep your home until you get back on solid footing again.
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