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    For the at risk home owner who wants to take advantage of the new mortgage modifications but is drowning in paper work, there is now hope with Hope Now. Hope Now, with the help of free counselors, will be able to send in their digital versions of their documents online.

    In the past there has been many issues with mortgage companies saying the proper documents where not sent in, while the homeowner state that they have. This has lead too much confusion and results in slow or no action on the mortgage refinancing. With Hope Now, you will be able to send in digital copies of your documents while keeping the originals for future need.

    Hope Now can verify that the proper documents were sent in. Hope Now is also able to track the status of the their loan modification application. This will help the home owner understand what is happening with their loan modification application and avoid any problems due to lost or missing documentation.

    Even though loan modification have been in the news since the time the program started, many still do not know if they are eligible or not. There are many misconceptions about who is eligible for loan modification.

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    Many home owners are afraid that they will not qualify for a loan modification because their home has lost some of its value due to the drop in property values. This causes them to owe more than what the home is worth now. In many cases it is still possible for them to get a loan modification as long as they do not owe more than 125% of the homes value.
    Some home owners are afraid that getting a loan modification will not lower their payments and will have a negative impact on their credit rating. For homeowners that are paying a higher interest rate then the current rate, restructuring the loan will give them smaller payments due to the lower interest rates. Other people will find the piece of mind knowing that their payments will stay at the present rate and not get higher. This can show them a savings by preventing future increases in the payments.

    Many home owners when researching the loan modifications, do so under the misunderstanding the when they refinance the loan they will end up owing less on their home. This is wrong, the amount that the house is mortgaged for stays the same. The difference comes from having to pay less in interest.

    If you are not behind on your payments. If you can show that you will be able to maintain the payments at the new rate. The new loan helps prevent the loan from defaulting, you may be eligible for a loan restructuring.

    You should gather the documentation before calling to see if you qualify for refinancing. You will need proof gross of income for everyone listed as a borrower on the loan papers. The most recent income tax return. Information on a credit card bills you owe. Information on any other bills you owe, car loans or student loans, for example.
    Hope Now will help with any other questions you may have.

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