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    If you live in Louisiana and are having trouble paying your mortgage payments or are facing foreclosure, there may be help from you from the state government and others.
    As soon as you know you will have trouble making your payment, you should call your lender. You will have more options if you are no more than one or two payments behind than you will later. A good lender will often be able to help you work through your financial problems and will not want to take your home away from you.

    In Louisiana, it is possible to get mortgage help from your state government, national assistance programs, and state charities. You can receive help with bills, medical bills, health expenses, food assistance, and other items that will help you continue to be able to make your house payments.
    Many state and local governments have assistance programs to help residents in paying or refinancing mortgages to stop or at least reduce foreclosures. The amount of help may vary from one state to another. It can include new mortgage loans; help with paying an existing mortgage, grants, mortgage counseling, and other help. You can also find help paying electric bills, and for child care.

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    On the website, http://www.hud.gov/local/la/renting/energyprgms.cfm  you can find out about programs to help you in any state, including, Louisiana. If there is not a specific program to help with your problem in your area of Louisiana, you might still get help with other things on the website, such as paying for your medical bills, help with your prescription drugs, charities that might provide financial assistance, community action agencies, which are public and private, and might offer financial assistance and counseling, and federal assistance programs.

    Other Mortgage website also offers a link to programs in Louisiana to government programs that might help with mortgage payments. You might also receive assistance from a housing counselor in your area. A list of counselors recognized by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development can be found at hud.gov or by calling 1-800-569-4287.
    If you need more help than the state might offer, or local charities, President Obama’s Mortgage Modification program might help you. Information can be found at the HUD website.

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