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  • marylandflagMaryland–the perfect place to visit or to live boasts some lovely beaches, hardwood forests, the breathtaking lights of Baltimore and the historic area of Annapolis as part of the reason that people elect to buy a home here. Civil war trails and the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner are just two of the multiple things that Maryland holds, not to mention the seafood that is literally fresh daily, making Maryland a haven for those who love city life or those who want to live close to an outdoor paradise.

    Maryland does however have it’s down side. The unemployment is trending a bit on the high side and Maryland hits our top ten states for United States foreclosures this February as well, according to RealtyTrac(TM)

    With so much going for it, you’re just not willing to lose that home in Maryland, but frankly, you’re quite likely the same as everyone else when faced with this type situation. What exactly do you do to avoid foreclosure in Maryland. What kind of government mortgage help is out there for you, and how do you find it?

    Maryland government mortgage help is available to you through both state and federal venues, beginning with the Housing and Urban Development website, where one may find the ability to get free mortgage prevention counselors to asisst you in your quest to keep your home.  Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is available to you in nearly any area of the state. With counselors HUD approved and numbering more than 100 in Maryland alone you’re going to find the counseling that you need to help you to prevent foreclosure in Maryland.


    HUD also offers you, in the state of Maryland, a toll free number that you can call to speak to a counselor over the phone in an attempt to find out what your options are with regard to preventing foreclosure on your home. They can be reached at +12027081112

    The HUD GUIDE TO FORECLOSURE PREVENTION is available on their website, or you may download a PDF copy of much of the information that you will find there. In addition to the HUD website, there is further information about mortgage foreclosure prevention is available to you from the FHA website.

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    Further information offered to you on the HUD websites, as well as About.com and the Consumer Advisory Panel website features information about companies that you should avoid doing business with, as well as the things you don’t want to permit to happen to your home. Many companies and individuals seek to take advantage of those who are in financial difficulties and you need to be aware that such behavior is taking place in order to strenuously avoid it and protect your investment.

    Specific to Maryland state, there are several programs which are available to residents of Maryland that will assist you in saving your home from foreclosure . These programs, entitled the Maryland Federal Foreclosure, and the Neighborhood Revitalization Assistance are available to Maryland residents who meet certain qualifications.


    There are many Maryland government mortgage help programs in place for you, but qualifying for them may take time, so as soon as you believe that you are in danger of missing even one payment, that is the time to telephone or contact your lender in person. Making sure that you stay in close communication with your lender from start to finish will help you to get the best chance to save your home. Avoiding the issue or ignoring the phone calls isn’t an option when your goal is to save your home.

    Further mortgage assistance from Maryland government is available to you from a second Maryland government mortgage help program entitled the Maryland Hope, which is a series of tips, advice, assistance from counselors as well as other help from the Maryland government, who seeks to stop the flood of new foreclosures that seem to be rapidly rising.

    A few tips to help you in your quest to keep your home

    Stay in touch with your lender

    Try hardship letters to your lender, stating the unemployment or other effects that have gotten you to this point, and ask for a deferrment or to refinance your mortgage. The incentives for them to assist you are in place.

    offer them news as soon as you have any with regard to when you may be able to make a payment

    even a partial payment may stop your foreclosure proceedings if made prior to the foreclosure time

    you can in many cases make a deal with your lender to pay your payment in two or more payments each month

    Do not ignore phone calls or lender communications. This sends a clear message that you’re not interested in keeping your home.

    It will take diligent work and effort to enable you to keep you house, but if you’re willing to work for it, in many cases you can save your home.’

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