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  • nunst035There is no where on earth more beautiful than Michigan in the autumn, when the northern hardwood forests are awash with blazing red, gold and oranges of the fall foliage. The plethora of  diverse wildlife will amaze and delight you, while the outdoor world simply calls you to the state.

    Surrounded by four of the five great lakes, Michigans imprint on the earth is shaped by those lakes, which offer some of the best outdoor activities that you will find in the United states. Hunting, fishing, boating and more wait for you in Michigan.


    At the moment, however, a few other things that are less pleasant also wait for you in Michigan. Michigan is among the hardest hit states for foreclosures in the United States, with one in every 360 people being touched by a home foreclosure in this beautiful state.

    If you’re that one person who is being threatened with foreclosure on your Michigan home, what can you do to prevent the foreclosure process? Are there government mortgage help programs available in Michigan?


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    Government mortgage help in Michigan is available to those who qualify. In most cases you will qualify simply by virtue of the fact that your home is threatened with foreclosure proceedings, if you’re able to still pay any type of payment. You will likely qualify for some of the Obama incentives which may lower your interest rates, help you to have your home costs refinanced to make your payments less, or in fact to skip one or eve two payments so that you can pay those at the end of your payment schedule rather than now, to give you time to get on your feet if unemployment is a reason for the foreclosure.

    Hud’s HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS is one of the programs that is available in every state in the United States, and can be used to help you find new ways to pay, lower costs, along with some counseling to help you get your payments vs your income under control.The HUD Guide to Preventing Foreclosure helps you to learn what your options may be under some of the HUD programs that are designed to assist home owners who are in financial difficulty.

    Counselors that are available to you in Michigan will offer you some additional help and hope with regard to finding a way to save your Michigan home from foreclosure using Michigan government mortgage help programs. Foreclosure avoidance counselors will also help you to communicate with your lender and to come to some kind of arrangement if one is possible so that you can keep your home or at least some of the equity in it.

    There are some programs that are specific to Michigan, including their ARM Refinance Programs, and Rescue Refinance Program which assists Michigan home owners to get their homes refinanced at a lower rate of interest in order to bring their payments under control and help them be better able to afford to make the payments.

    The few rules that you need to know and follow are:

    Always communicate with your lender or service provider

    Don’t neglect to respond to the mail and phone calls that you get from your lender

    As soon as you know that you may have a late payment contact your lender immediately.

    You may be able to save your home with a letter of hardship, or an explanation to your lending company so that they forebear a few payments, but without communication and working together you have no chance.

    Take full advantage of each program that is available to home owners. Government mortgage assistance is available in Michigan, but you’re going to have to do your part as well.

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