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  • The state of Mississippi knows that one of the main difficulties people face when trying to find a suitable home is the upfront money needed for the down payment. People require help in this regard and also when it comes to the payment of closing costs. For this reason the Mississippi Home Corporation has arranged for a Down Payment Assistance Program designed to help those of low to moderate income to buy their first home. First time homebuyers with a low or moderate income and who have an acceptable credit rating are eligible if they meet the credit eligibility requirements and have need of a second mortgage to pay the down payment.

    They are also required to complete an 8 hour homebuyer training course.

    The Down Payment Assistance Program consists of a first mortgage (FHA, VA, or RD qualifying guidelines) and a second mortgage with a ten year fixed rate f 7%. The maximum down payment assistance is 3% of the loan amount and it can be used for closing costs too. It is required that the applicantĀ“s liquid assets not exceed $4,500. The property must be the primary residence of the owner.

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    The Mississippi Home Loan Plus Program Grants of up to $14,999 are available for low income homebuyers who meet the requirements. The funds provided to the Mississippi Home Corporation (MHC) by the Mississippi Development Authority(MDA), Community Service Division are to make it possible for those who otherwise could not purchase a property of their own to acquire their first home. There are certain requirements that are to be met in order for the grant to be awarded. For example the property to be purchased must meet section 8 Housing Quality Standards so must have written clearance from a US HUD approved appraiser or it must meet local housing quality standards in areas that have their own local building codes. It should be noted that the whole County of Harrison and the City Hattiesburg as well as the City of Jackson are not eligible for this program. The grant can be used with the MHC programs Mortgage Revenue Bond with no cash advance (MRB) and Mortgage Credit Certificate(MCC).

    The applicant must be a US citizen or qualified registered alien who has a social security card and it is required that the homebuyer have Homebuyer education with a housing counselor approved by HUD. The household income must be below 80% of the average household income according to the size of the family. The limit as to Purchase Price is $150,000. The buyer must purchase the property by permanent fixed-rate mortgage through a lender approved by MHC. As for the property itself it must be located in an area that is eligible for the grant and it must be the primary residence of the buyer. The home to be purchased must not be in a flood zone. To qualify the property has to be a site built single family home. Condos and town homes do qualify. If the construction is newly built it must be complete. Properties built before 1978 will be subject to a lead based paint inspection and test. Anyone who would like to participate in the program can find a participating lender list as well as a homebuyer guide on line.

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