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    One of the biggest challenges, which many people are facing in Northern Carolina, is who to rely on when considering purchasing a new home or getting mortgage help. If you are in this stressing position right now, you have come to right place because you are on your way to finding a reliable and trustworthy Mortgage help. The North Carolina state government has started numerous programs for its residents to make sure that they get sufficient help whether you own a home currently or just planning do so in the near future. The federal government has allocated millions of dollars known as the hardest Hit Fund to help the people of Northern Carolina.


    Therefore, if you are Northern Carolina resident the first place to go for NC Mortgage help is the Northern Carolina Hardest Hit Fund. If you are a homeowner, this fund might come in handy, particularly if your income has subsided and you cannot keep up with the mortgage payments anymore. This mortgage program is designed in a such a way that, it caters for people who might have lost their jobs for example as a result of downsizing company workforce due to the global economic recession, or incurring of sudden huge medical bills. They have a mortgage payment program, which offers homeowners with interest free loans.

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    You might also want to consider the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, if you are looking for NC Mortgage help. You will definitely find this agency very helpful, especially if your income has successfully hindered you from becoming a homeowner. First time home buyers are entitled for both mortgage loans with attractive rates plus a down payment help of up to $,9000. In addition, you get a (MCC) Mortgage Credit Certificate when you meet all of their requirements. This will result to numerous benefits such as lowering of your federal income tax liability for each single dollar, allowing you to retain extra cash, which you can use to clear your mortgage.


    So how do you qualify for these various types of NC Mortgage help loans? To begin with, you must be a first-time homebuyer or not have owned a house and gave it to a bank as collateral. If you own a home currently you may also be eligible but only if your house is located at specific areas. Secondly, you must have the dream of purchasing a home within Northern Carolina and be able to occupy it within the first 59 days of buying. You have to produce all the legal documents to prove your legal residency.


    Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention (MFP) is a special state government body with the sole aim of assisting working poor families to retain their homes plus their equity. This body offers many help to those seeking NC mortgage help loans. The MFP offers high-class legal representation for families and individuals facing foreclosure cases. They help to save your home from foreclosures due to mortgage loans liabilities as well as saving your credit rating, which could be seriously affected in case of a foreclosure.

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