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    800px-Philly_skyline If you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and face foreclosure, there may be help available to you to help you stay in your home. Other cities–Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Chicago–are examining the program and have adopted similar programs. People on the verge of foreclosure, who have lived in their homes for years but face their homes being sold by the sheriff’s office, have been helped by the local Philadelphia program.
    Philadelphia’s primary civil court requires anyone who is faced with foreclosure and who is living in his house to become involved in a “conciliation conference.” The conference is a face to face meeting that attempts to work out a compromise between the homeowner and lender. Every homeowner is given counseling, and many are given legal representation.

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    Conciliation Conferences are scheduled in the City Hall in Philadelphia, on the sixth floor, every Thursday morning. Volunteer lawyers are present. Lawyers working for the mortgage companies are there too. Those facing foreclosure are there–some of them construction workers in overalls, some of them the elderly with canes, some of them parents, who have their children with them.
    Deals worked out can include lower monthly payments for borrowers, or cash for leaving the property, if a homeowner can’t afford payments at even a modified rate.

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