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  • pennsylvaniaThe Pocono Mountains, crisp clean streams, excellent trout fishing, and perfect autumn weather makes Pennsylvania among the absolute best places to live in the world. The history here, Civil War and petroleum production, the worlds first oil well in Titusville and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia make it a historians Mecca.

    You’re in love with your Pennsylvania home and saving it from mortgage foreclosure is your number one priority now, but the unemployment rates are high and new businesses seem to be closing every day.

    Keeping your home from foreclosure is something that’s going to take some effort, but in the long run, taking advantage of every program that is available to you will serve you well. The  Pennsylvania government mortgage programs that are in place to serve you include some that are unique and work incredibly well to help save your Pennsylvania home.
    Although Pennsylvania is not in the top ten states for foreclosure, their programs are comprehensive and include one that is the only one of its kind in the entire United States and should serve as a model for the rest of the country.

    Pennsylvania offers to its residents  the Homeowners’ Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) which is, as previously mentioned, the only assistance program of this type in the United States. What HEMAP does is to offer subsidies to the residents of Pennsylvania who cannot meet their mortgage payment.

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    These subsidies are loans, and must be repaid at a rate of not less than 25 USD per month, but can be made either long term, to bring the mortgage current and then pay a certain monthly amount, or short term to bring the mortgage current.  HEMAP is a unique and impressive idea by the Keystone State that will keep your Pennsylvania home in your own hands in the long term, helping you to make these mortgage payments, as well as to bring them current and save your Pennsylvania home from foreclosure.


    It is not at all difficult to qualify for HEMAP, making Pennsylvania one of the best state programs to assist state residents in their quest to save their home from mortgage foreclosure.

    In addition to the Pennsylvania government mortgage programs, you will also find some help from HUD Guide to Foreclosure Prevention, which can give you tips and ideas on how to arrange new financing, deferred payments, along with lower interest rates that can help to make your mortgage more affordable and give you the capacity to make your mortgage payments.

    Understanding the foreclosure process means that you will need to know what steps your mortgage will go through as you wait to be able to make your payments or to qualify for the new payment or financing. Getting through each of the steps, and working with the lender to make the payments or to qualify for some of the incentive programs that the Obama Administration has offered through the Making Home Affordable program means knowing exactly whats going to happen and anticipating it.

    Pennsylvania also offers you free legal assistance to understand what yo’ure going through and how to avoid it, while affording you counseling on their own, or through the HUD approved Mortgage Prevention Counseling program that will give you a counselor to help you with communications between your lenders and other service providers.

    In addition Pennsylvania gives you some energy assistance programs that will fix your home to sustain you with a lower energy bill during the winter time, helping you to bring your current electric and gas bills under better control so that you can afford them more easily. The STAY WARM PA programs offer you free winterization of your home for the elderly, low income or displaced workers.

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