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    Since it was founded in 2008, Save the Dream Ohio has been serving homeowners by providing real foreclosure assistance to residents throughout the state.  Save the Dream Ohio is the state’s premier mortgage assistance program, helping thousands remain in their homes through various plans.

    One such program, Restoring Stability: A Save the Dream Ohio Initiative, was launched in 2010 to help even more homeowners qualify for mortgage assistance.  This program is more flexible and may provide help to people who previously did not qualify for mortgage assistance in Ohio.  This plan may be used with other programs for assistance up to the maximum household benefit amounts allowed by the plans.  Restoring Stability: A Save the Dream Ohio Initiative offers:

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    Save the Dream Ohio offers help for renters as well.  The victims of foreclosed properties, renters may often have to move as well when the property is sold.  The program offers unique affordable housing locator tools and links to many resources to help them understand their rights as a renter in Ohio.  The Affordable Rental Housing Initiative encourages investors to demolish and rebuild condemned homes for use as rental properties.

    Save the Dream Ohio conducts research throughout the state to find more solutions to the housing crisis and launches many programs offered to youth and the homeless.  Offering daily mortgage news, events and articles, this program is designed to help homeowners avoid scams and risky refinancing schemes and provides real solutions to the victims of the housing crisis.

    Ohio residents who fall behind in their mortgage payments or who are facing foreclosure can find all the help they need at www.savethedream.ohio.gov.





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