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  • South Carolina has a comprehensive network of agencies and organizations created to help borrowers avoid foreclosure and save their homes. The key is to know what these agencies are, where to find them and how to make the most of the programs they offer. It isn’t rocket science, but it does take time and energy. There is nothing that can substitute personal involvement when trying to save your mortgage, or finding one for that matter. Don’t let others do your homework for you. We can, however, give you a head start and point you in the right direction.

    First, our typical, but nevertheless valuable advice: find an approved housing counselor. They are professionals, they are experts. Did I say they were free? They can help you find the mortgage aid program you need and help you fill the requirements. Find an approved housing counselor near you at the Housing and Urban Development Department’s official website. Use these professionals to find all the information you need to make an educated decision. They will ask about your income, your budget, and other personal questions. This will help you sort out your financial life and make the hard decisions that can save your home. They will then spell out the mortgage aid programs you can apply for, and even help your negotiate with your lender to either modify your mortgage, or buy a new one.

    Two agencies to look out for in South Caroline are the South Carolina State Housing & Development Authority and the United States Department of Agriculture. They both provide mortgage aid and housing programs.

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    The South Carolina State House Finance & Development Authority provides is a non-profit agency that focuses on homebuyers and homeowners. It provides a wide variety of services for homeowners: from help buying a mortgage, to servicing it, avoiding foreclosure to refinancing a new mortgage. They provide some of the lowest rates in the South Carolina market, and stay with you all the way once you sign the mortgage.

    If you have a mortgage with them and are struggling to make payments, fill in a request for loan review form and apply for work out options that can save your mortgage. If your mortgage is with another lender contact the South Carolina Foreclosure Task Force at:

    4925 Lacross Road, Suite 215
    North Charleston, SC 29406
    Toll Free: 800-232-6489 ext. 7862
    Locally: 843-735-7862
    Fax: 843-744-2886
    Email: info@fsisc.org

    Here is a map to help you find it.

    Provide the agency with accurate information. Be honest with yourself and them. Ignoring a difficult situation will not help, on the contrary it dooms you to a quick foreclosure.

    Read our next article for more help on avoiding foreclosure in South Carolina, and finding the mortgage you need to buy your next home.

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