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  • texas-flagThe Alamo, the incredible water sports, the amazing sights of Dallas, and the perfect winter weather make Texas a haven for those who love the outdoors or the indoors. Texas living is hard driving and full of interesting things to see and do. As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. The cattle drives and the history are a good part of the reason that you’re hoping for Texas government mortgage help to keep your Texas property.


    The incredible sights, sounds and smells of Texas were part of the reason why you chose this lovely state in which to live, but the down side is that Texas is sitting comfortably, or uncomfortably as it were, among the top ten states in the United States for foreclosure. Texas holds the distinction of being among those states for more than two years now. One in every 900 families in Texas is experiencing the foreclosure process right now.

    The foreclosure process in Texas may well be termed rapid or “snappy” as RealtyTrac called it in their own commentary,tends to be pushing Texas into a faster recovery than many states are enjoying. That doesn’t make you feel any better, does it, when the snappy foreclosure is your home.

    You love Texas and you love the home that you bought, so saving it from Texas foreclosure is your priority. The rapidity with which the state reacts to take back homes tends to be disheartening, particularly give that the economy of Texas, being focused on energy, is not overwhelmingly prosperous, and Texas ranks among the higher unemployment rates. What will it take to prevent a Texas mortgage foreclosure and what are your options.


    Texas government mortgage helpd does exist, along with federal mortgage assistance to help you attempt to keep your home. Taking advantage of every offering and moving as quickly as possible is a necessity in Texas.

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    Knowing your rights and your responsibilities is an important part of saving your home from foreclosure. Among the first things you can do is to get in touch with some of the HUD approved counselors to find a way to keep your home, or get new options to make your home more affordable so that you can actually make the payments.

    One of the great Texas programs that are out there include some free legal representation that you can use to help you navigate the preforeclosure or foreclosure processes. Getting the legal help you need so that you understand exactly what is, or will happen during this process is important.
    Free legal representation

    HUD offers you the Guide to avoiding foreclosure, offering tips to avoid foreclosure, foreclosure con games, and other bad business going on during the poor economy. Knowing how to work with your lender, or seeking counseling to make sure that you know what’s happening and how to stop it. HUD counselors will even contact your lenders for you, working with them when you’re not comfortable doing that. The HUD services are always free so you don’t have to come up with funds to pay for that.


    The Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Program has some fresh new ideas and ways in which you may be able to save your home, although in reality it will take some jumping through hoops, as it seems typically quite difficult to navigate and qualify for, according to some who have attempted the process. Still, as they say, any effort is going to benefit you so try anything at all.

    Finding out all that you can about the foreclosure process, or preforeclosure process is a good idea. HUD helps you to navigate each area of the foreclosure or preforeclosure process by giving you a heads up of each step along the way. Get a heads up on the Foreclosure process by checking out the HUD PAGES on FORECLOSURE

    Keep in close touch in your foreclosure process, or any time that your mortgage payment is behind even one month. Make sure that your lender knows whats happening. Document your lack of payments with a hardship letter telling them exactly what’s happening and make sure that your communications are sent via certified mail so that you can prove that you were in touch.

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