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  • Forget the adverts. Forget who your broker recommended. Forget who has the nicest offices. If you are searching for a mortgage refinance company to improve the terms of your loan, you need to forget about the gimmicks and look at what really matters in a refinance lender. This article summarizes some of the most important tips on selecting the best company for your refinance mortgage.

    First Step. Forget the Annual Percentage Rate.

    Many finance advisors encourage borrowers to check the annual percentage rate, or APR, of a mortgage refinance loan when deciding which is the best deal. On the surface, this is good advice. After all, the APR claims to provide a benchmark with which to compare loans by converting the total cost of the loan as a yearly percentage. If there was a standard method to calculate the APR this would be a great method, unfortunately there are no set standards to calculate a loans APR. Some lenders include certain costs and expenses while others choose to leave them out. This is not to say the APR of a loan is a worthless measure of a loan’s cost, but you do need to check what has been included in the APR. This means you cannot judge a loan by its advertised APR until you request a breakdown of how the APR has been calculated.

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    Second Step. Use the best mortgage brokers, but don’t let them use you.

    Good brokers have access to a wide variety of mortgage providers and to the lowest mortgage refinance rates. Unfortunately brokers also have a, often deserved, reputation of charging expensive fees and offering little value to customers. However, a reputable broker with good connections can help you avoid lender junk fees and give you access to wholesale mortgage rates. How can you tell the good brokers from the bad ones? There are no easy solutions. Look for brokers with a good and long standing reputation, use brokers people you trust recommend and prefer brokers who operate as brokers and not as a mortgage banker or broker bank. Why? Because broker banks and mortgage bankers are protected from key disclosure laws which allow them to sell mortgages without the need of disclosing markup or profit margins on your loan. A broker, however, is not protected from the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and must comply with the Act’s disclosure laws.

    Final Step. Ask for a complete breakdown of your mortgage rates.

    Whoever you end up choosing, make sure you request a complete breakdown of the costs, fees, and rates applicable. Don’t let the banker or broker blind you with jargon and well scripted speeches. Ask for hard facts, in writing, and compare it to the information other lenders offer. This way you will get the best mortgage refinance lender, not the one with the best salesperson.

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