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  • The State of Vermont introduced a battery of rules and regulation changes to help streamline the financial industry and protect homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. An important element in the protection of Vermont homeowners is the Vermont Mortgage Assistance Program.

    The Vermont Mortgage Assistance Program is managed by the Vermont Banking Division and is responsible for providing advice, information and assistance to residents who have been affected by the mortgage crisis and who are struggling to make mortgage payments. However, it is important to note the Mortgage Assistance Program does not have any actual funding to provide cash payments to borrowers. Nevertheless, the Mortgage Assistance Program can help by providing quality advice and by facilitating the communication between borrowers and lenders.

    According to the information provided at the Vermont’s Mortgage Assistance Program, the most important thing to know when you are facing mortgage issues is that time is of the essence. The sooner you deal with your delinquency problems the more options you have and the more likely you are of saving your home from foreclosure.

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    A foreclosure will typically take six to nine months to complete. This is important because even if a lender is willing to try and negotiate a settlement, it is unlikely the lender will stop the process while the settlement is negotiated.

    The Vermont Mortgage Assistance Program also offers mediation services between lenders and borrowers. It also provides advice on how to arrange for loss mitigation with your lender. Loss mitigation is a negotiation between borrowers and lenders that studies the options a borrower has to restitute payments in arrears while reducing payments to a level that is affordable and realistic considering the financial situation of the borrower.

    If your borrower is not willing to negotiate a solution, the Vermont Mortgage Assistance Program can help you get in touch with local institutions that offer refinancing options to borrowers. A government program that offers refinance and mortgage modification options is HOPE, which may be a useful resource.

    Another point highlighted by Vermont’s Mortgage Assistance Program is the fact that in some cases losing your home is the best alternative. Trying to save your home at all casts may perpetuate a bad investment you can’t afford and are better off without. The program can suggest foreclosure alternatives that provide the least damaging alternatives for your credit rating.

    Contact the Vermont Mortgage Assistance Program by clicking here or calling (802)-828-568-4547.

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