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Month: September 2020

2 Often Overlooked Electrical Problems

For many people, homes provide solitude. People love the space, memories and love that’s shared in their four walls and can’t imagine being anywhere else. However, while a home is extremely valuable, it’s also a lot of work to maintain. From painting to renovating to up-keeping the yard, maintenance is key to its longevity. Another area that’s sometimes overlooked in terms of proper maintenance is the homeowner’s electrical systems. This is a very important aspect in a home, and it’s common for problems that may need to be addressed such as electrical rewiring Philadelphia to end up getting ignored because everything seems to be working. Small glitches may lead to big problems, though. Here are two issues to be on the lookout for. 

1. Something smells like it’s burning. 

In all instances, burning is bad. However, burning food can be addressed. Burning electrical wires, though, need to be fixed immediately! If you ever smell something burning, try and figure out where the smell is coming from, unplug the item and call an electrician. It would also be safe to have an easy exit plan and watch the outlet to see if a fire or smoke starts rising. If this happens, call the fire department just to make sure the flames don’t spread and the fire is eliminated. 

2. Your gas lines aren’t properly grounded. 

Gas lines supply gas throughout your home, and ensuring the lines are tight when they’re put in is very important. If a gas line isn’t secured properly, blowouts can occur if lightning strikes near your property. If you’re unsure if your lines are tightened properly, have an electrical professional come check out your home. It’s better to have peace of mind rather than ignoring something that could turn into a much bigger problem. 

They say home is where the heart is, and keeping your home protected will ensure your heart will be around for many years to come. 

3 Reasons To Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

Face it – floors see a lot of action. From the grimiest tennis shoe soles to the spilled soda seeped into its pores, floors go through the gamut and deserve some much needed TLC to get them back to their pristine, shiny state. It’s easy to take a mop or shining solution and lather your floors up yourself, but is that really getting the job done? As a business owner, you want your business to have a clean, polished and put together look for customers as soon as they step inside. Making commercial stone care Queens NY a priority is essential in fostering this well-kept environment. Here are three reasons you should get your marble floors professionally cleaned. 

1. Cleaning prevents permanent stains. 

Even if you wiped the soda up that fell on your floor, most likely there are remnants still left behind. These may be hard to see, but in reality, they can lead to permanent, more noticeable stains if not addressed. Marble floors are stunning and expensive. You’ll ensure your marble’s longevity by making cleaning a priority. In addition, move around floor mats often because the dirt and grime that gets caught around these can also lead to stains. 

2. Clean floors increase your businesses’s value. 

While you may have no intention of selling your business right now, that time may come. If it does, you’ll want to get the most out of the company, and well-maintained floors can help you get the highest selling price. While people don’t think much about floors because they’re below your feet, they take up a lot of space inside a dwelling. Good floors stand out and so do bad ones. The more you invest and take care of your floors early on, the better they’ll look down the road. 

3. Clean floors are better for your health. 

Germs, bacteria and dirt all settle into a floor and end up seeping into your lungs as you breathe. These pathogens can be especially harmful to someone with asthma or other respiratory ailments, and the dirtier your floors get, the more these germs grow and multiply in your business. If you’re the business owner, you most likely spend the most time in your company. As your second home away from home, don’t you want to work at a place that’s helping you stay healthy?

Cleaning doesn’t get most people super excited but is very important. Leaving the job to cleaning professionals gets you out of doing it and ensures clean, healthy and fabulous floors for years to come. 

Common Home Electrical Issues You Need to Know About

Electrical fires in the United States cause over $1 billion worth of damage annually. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your electrical system is working like a well-oiled machine. The older your home and its electrical system get, the harder it will be to avoid problems.

When faced with an electrical repair issue, your first call needs to be to an experienced electrician. These professionals can help you diagnose what is going on and get it fixed in a timely manner. Below are some of the most common home electrical problems and how to address them.

Electrical Surges are Pretty Common

While you can put a number of safeguards in place, you can’t hide from Mother Nature. When severe storms accompanied by lighting move into your area, it can be difficult to keep your electrical system functional. If lighting strikes a power line or the power line is damaged by high winds, you will have to deal with power surges. These surges usually last a few seconds but can do a lot of damage in this short amount of time.

Electronic devices that are not plugged into surge protectors can get damaged. If you are unsure about how to put safeguards in place to protect against these surges, you need to contact an electrical contractor Philadelphia. With their help, you can protect the expensive electronics in your home.

Dealing With Circuit Breaker Problems

Your home’s electrical system has a number of different components. One of the most important components this system has is the circuit breaker box. This box is where all of the electrical wires in your home are placed. Each of these wires is connected to a circuit breaker. When a power surge occurs, these breakers are designed to cut power to the affected area.

If your breakers are constantly tripping, you need to figure out why. This problem can be caused by things like a bad breaker or faulty wiring. Trying to track down the cause of this problem by yourself is a bad idea. Unless you have previous experience with electrical repair, you will struggle to get this work done. This is why hiring an experienced electrician to diagnose and fix this problem is so important.

Before hiring an electrician to help you out, assess the experience and reputation they have. With a quick online search, you should be able to find all of the information you need about a contractor.

Landscaping Water Features for Gorgeous Aquatic Décor

Some property owners are fortunate enough to have an abundance of water gracing their land. Others simply possess a deep and abiding love for all things related to the water, and they want to incorporate that magical feeling into their home life. If you fall into either category, you likely want to know how to make informed choices in landscaping water features. Luckily, there is no need to become an expert on things like installation, maintenance, and aeration. Your choice of water feature will likely be determined by the type of water (or amount of space) to which you have access, be it large and still, swiftly running, or virtually nonexistent.

1. Lakes and Ponds

These offer the greatest freedom in spatial design, but they can also require the most responsibility. If you’re not the type to shy away from tending to your very own aquatic ecosystem, you might consider a friendly koi pond and a bit of research into the importance of lake aeration. Perhaps you simply want a big, soothing pool to gaze into with nothing looking back at you, or maybe you’re not looking to take big design leaps. The calming sight of a simple spray fountain at the center of a lake or pond is not to be discounted. Many people could stare at those cascading droplets for hours on end.

2. Running Water

The sound of a flowing stream tends to be even more captivating, but it is often paired with visual artistry in aquatic decor. The classic standalone fountain has maintained its dignity for multiple centuries, but modern contenders are no slouches. For a more natural aesthetic, you’ll find a wide variety of options, including simplistic rocks with well-concealed internal springs, pondless waterfalls and stone bowl birdbaths. If you’d like to have more flair, you can browse an impressive array of mosaic waterwalls, ostentatious rain curtains, and various jets and gurglers that can even include LED lighting.

3. Little to No Natural Source

Do you live in an apartment but long for the peace that comes from the sound of a babbling brook? Does the arid climate of your home make outdoor water features untenable? No need to worry. The library of tiny and stunning water features is vast and possibly related to the popularity of cat drinking fountains. You will be able to find exactly what you seek when it comes to your miniature water feature, whether that is a geometric waterfall or a lilypad fountain. If you have the space indoors, you can even implement some of the larger features mentioned above.

Regardless of which water feature calls to you, be sure to do your homework. Water can be a testy mistress if handled carelessly, so it is important to consult an expert before committing. The bigger the project, the more informed you will want to be so you can ultimately enjoy that lovely, relaxing feeling only water can seem to provide.

Top Issues To Look For When Buying An Older House

For many buyers, a resale property may provide some key advantages, including traditional layouts, established neighborhoods and larger lots. Depending on the state of the building, your money may go further buying a resale. Moreover, there are opportunities to make the place your own as well as more room to negotiate a sale price. The charm of an older house can be quite irresistible, but there are several things to look for as you house hunt.

Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

One of the biggest issues to check for with older homes is the foundation. It is literally the foundation of the structure. Foundation damage can compromise the safety and structural integrity of the house. Settlement cracks are to be expected and a good home inspector can confirm that they pose no problems. Major foundation repair on the other hand, must be addressed and repair can be quite expensive. If you find an older house that you love, consider factoring in the cost to repair when it’s time to negotiate. An expert on concrete slab Tulsa OK can provide guidance on the best solution.

Old Building Materials

Houses that were built before a certain year may have been built with materials that are now banned. Two common examples are lead paint and asbestos. These were commonly used in properties built before the 80’s and 90’s respectively, but have since been found to be the source of serious and even deadly health conditions. It is essential that you pay for a thorough home inspection that includes testing to confirm the presence of lead paint and asbestos, not just for safety but also for compliance.

Pest Infestations

Older buildings are often a gathering place for pests, including rats, mice and bugs. Certain health hazards are posed or exacerbated by the presence of pests, including certain viruses, foodborne illnesses and respiratory conditions. Termites pose a special danger in old houses that are made of wood. Their presence may be an indication of major damage to the structure, requiring significant repairs to avoid dangerous living conditions. An infestation of other types of insects may also be a sign of water damage which may cause mold.

When it’s time to find a new residence, older resale properties can be quite appealing. Often they have character with an interesting history and architecture. These older houses can also include their fair share of issues that may require expensive repairs. A home inspection becomes especially important for assessing the structure’s condition and bringing serious problems to light.

Considerations for Buying a New Mattress

An old mattress can affect the quality of your sleep and cause you unnecessary back pain. If you’re thinking that you probably need a new mattress, you shouldn’t put it off too for too long. Getting a new mattress can make going to be much more comfortable. Here are some important things to keep in mind about replacing a mattress.

Make a Plan for Removing Your Old Mattress

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to simply leave your mattress on the curb for a trash collector. Condominium and apartment buildings generally have rules about how residents may dispose of mattresses. If you need help with an old mattress pickup Palo Alto CA, reach out to a company that can take away your old mattress quickly and affordably.

Get a Topper

When you get a new mattress, adding a topper can help it stay in good shape for longer. You can replace your topper after a few years instead of having to replace an entire mattress. Memory foam is one of the most popular types of mattress toppers.

Consider a Larger Mattress

Sometimes people will buy the same size mattress that they had before simply because that’s what they’re used to. However, if you share your bed and find yourself cramped sometimes by your significant other or a pet, it’s well worth considering a move up in size. Of course, you’ll likely have to get a new frame and new sheets, but any extra room that adds to your comfort is well worth the investment.

When you’ve resolved to replace an old mattress, shop around and look for a mattress that’s well reviewed and has a good price. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your mattress, so it’s very important to get something that you’ll be happy with for years to come.  

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