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Month: October 2020

Keeping Your Automated Doors in Compliance

If there’s one constant that comes with doing business, it’s regulation. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or what country your company operates out of, the one constant is an ever-changing landscape of legal obligations that are designed to protect workers and customers, even if they aren’t always clear about how they do it. While some regulations are confusing or hard to apply, others are very clear about ensuring the safety of everybody involved, like the OSHA regulations about hazardous materials. If your business has automated doors or other property features that operate without human oversight, you need to be sure you’re staying in compliance with local safety codes and laws, not just to protect your customers, but also to protect your business.

Reduce Liability, Improve Safety

Most of the time revolving door code compliance is about making sure the machines that operate your automatic doors are properly maintained. By being sure they are in operating order and checking failsafe mechanisms regularly, you protect the people who rely on those features of your property while also staying in bounds with the law. If you’re not sure about how to make those safety checks, that’s okay. Working with a consulting company that specializes in compliance can help. You can also rely on the people who install and repair those features near you, which makes it easy to outsource the tough part of the job.

This is important because liability for accidents is often linked to negligence. When you show you are doing the work to diligently maintain systems, it helps demonstrate you are doing as much as you can to avert mishaps. That can be used to demonstrate due diligence with regard to safety and to defend against accusations of negligence if there is an incident. More importantly, though, it makes those incidents less likely.

How Long Since Your Last Inspection?

If you haven’t had your automated door systems checked out recently, now is the time to bring your business back into compliance with local codes. You might not be past due for that inspection yet, but if you can’t remember when the last one was or how often you need them, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A fast safety check can reveal maintenance needs that have slipped past your team, and a regular schedule for tune-ups and inspections is a great way to make sure your company is always in compliance if an official inspection pops up.

5 Reasons to Move to Suffolk, VA

If you want to move somewhere in Virginia, but you aren’t quite sure where, consider Suffolk. This city may surprise you with the many things it has to offer.


According to Best Places, Suffolk has a population of around 88,000. It has had a nice growth that’s steady but not too large for the past decade. The town has a decent education system, and for most months of the year, the weather is mild and nice.

If you want to find land for sale in Suffolk VA, then you should find it affordable. The city is growing and there are plenty of opportunities for you find the space that is perfect for your family.

1. History

Suffolk is located in one of the original 13 colonies, so its history goes back centuries. You’ll find some of the oldest buildings in the country in this area. You can experience history in every day life as you walk past structures that were here long before the founding fathers put together the U.S. Constitution.

Wikipedia explains one of the biggest attractions in town is the Suffolk Seaboard Station Railroad Museum, which gives an overview of the city’s rich past with the rails.

2.  Peanuts

If you love peanuts, then this is the place for you. The city is home to Planter’s Peanuts, and you can see the Planter’s factory, which is now owned by Kraft. It hosts an annual peanut festival as well: Suffolk Peanut Fest. You will never have to go a day without peanuts if you live here.

3. Beaches

While Suffolk is not directly on the coast, it is close enough to allow you to enjoy beach days whenever you want. You can access many public beaches with great shorelines and plenty of fun activities on a regular basis.

4. Family Friendliness

Suffolk is known for being a great place for families. It has had accolades in the past for being a safe and secure place to raise kids. Among the reasons why this is a family-friendly town are that it has access to good jobs, affordable housing, good quality education and access to family activities.

5. Natural Beauty

While the name may not immediately make you think about beauty, the Great Dismal Swamp is actually stunning. It is 10,000 acres of natural beauty. You can see bears, fish, birds, bobcats, butterflies, and deer on your visit. The swamp is interesting and provides you with a look at flora, fauna, and history.

Make Your Move

Suffolk is quickly growing, but there are still plenty of places to call home here. As the city expands and more people move in, it continues to add features, such as tasty restaurants and fun clubs, and other aspects grow, such as the technical sector. It is becoming a wonderful place to live where there is a little something for everyone.

3 Reasons To Install Fire Sprinklers

Most businesses and homes contain smoke detectors to warn people that a fire is occurring. However, just because people are aware of the danger does not mean that they are safe. Escape routes may be blocked by the fire, debris or other obstacles. A sprinkler system can combat the fire as soon as it is detected, which can save lives and decrease the damage done to the structure.

1. Saves Lives

Even if fire extinguishers are present, people may not be able to reach them in time to put out the fire or clear a path to safety. Sprinklers can extinguish a small fire and combat a large one effectively enough so that people are able to escape the area safely.

2. Decreases Insurance Costs

Many insurance policies for both businesses and personal residences will offer discounts for increased safety measures. As long as the system is properly fixed and maintained by a fire sprinkler repair company Los Angeles CA, it should pass any necessary inspections, leading to reduced insurance costs.

3. Reduces Damage

While some people may fear that the damage done to the property by the water from a sprinkler system will exceed that done by a fire, that is not usually the case. Fires can spread rapidly if not contained quickly, and they can render a structure completely unusable. While the water from a sprinkler system may damage some things, the prompt extinguishing of a fire can save the rest of the structure from harm. This can prevent a building from becoming condemned or needing extensive repairs before it becomes habitable again.

The use of a sprinkler system helps to ensure the safety of people in their homes and workplaces and can be a worthwhile investment. No one wants to be caught in a deadly situation and taking steps to reduce the risk of a serious event is worth the installation and maintenance costs.

Tips for Creating Neighbor-Pleasing Yard Appeal

No one wants their home to be a blight on the neighborhood. If your front yard is worn and frayed, you may consider it your duty to spruce up these areas so that your neighbors remain happy and property values stay in line. Consider voluntarily undertaking these cost-effective front yard home improvements before a petition is circulated demanding you take action.

Form Beds or Maintain Existing Ones

Flour and shrubbery beds are one of the more distinctive landscaping enhancements you can undertake. If you have yet to carve out groomed borders, plan out at least a few sections to start. If you have some already in place, clean them up: weed fully, clear away debris edge the perimeters and trim overgrown plantings. Finally, order delivery of bulk mulch Cincinnati; the result will be a clean, professional look.

Choose the Right Plantings

Cleaning your beds is just the first step toward an upgraded landscape. After removing dead shrubs and cutting back those that are dying, add classy, colorful flowers and bushes to bare areas. Make certain that your selection is appropriate for your climate zone, and be diligent about amending and preparing the soil beforehand.

Refresh Your Lawn

Lawns get tired over time. Yet, a manicured lawn is necessary for a cohesive front-yard appearance. Unfortunately, decay is a self-perpetuating cycle. Bare spots attract weeds, which then overtake other areas of the thinning lawn; dirt becomes compacted, so water and nutrients have a hard time reaching the grass’ roots; and root-eating insect grubs feast readily, further weaken the whole plant. You may need to call in lawn experts at this point, to aerate the soil, enrich the earth and lay down new sod or spread seeds.

Take Care of Trees and Large Bushes

Lawn trees and shrubs should be shaped to look beautiful in both the winter when their branches are bare and in the summer when they are full of leaves. It is especially important to remove dead branches and twigs that diminish the natural form of the plantings. Tree and landscaping specialists can help you determine what growth needs to be trimmed and how to do so without harming the plant. They will also assess the trees for diseases and advise whether or not any should be removed.

Enhancing your yard is a neighborly undertaking. However, your neighbors will not be the only ones who would delight in this home improvement. By rejuvenating your front green area, you can be sure you too will enjoy the view every time you pull into your driveway at the end of the day.

4 Ideas for Being More Eco-friendly

In an age dominated by innovation and technology, the focus on green living has been supported by a number of eco-friendly products. With so many options for improving the carbon footprint, it is a shame that many homes aren’t having more of an impact on a greener environment. The following eco-friendly changes are things that can easily be done, whether you live in a mansion or a quaint cottage. Not only will they have a positive impact on the Earth, but they will also decrease your energy bills.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Lowering the temperature on your thermostat, even by a few degrees, can have a significant impact on your energy consumption. At the very least, consider lowering it by 10 to 15 degrees when you are away from home to save as much as 15% on energy each year. To keep your home’s temperature more consistent, consider calling spray foam contractors Virginia residents use to better insulate the home.

Use Low-Flow Shower Units

You can reduce your water consumption by as much as 2.5 gallons per minute when you install a low-flow showerhead in your bathrooms. A conventional showerhead will release about five gallons each minute, which is a drain on the water supply.

Seal Up Cracks in the House

Whether it is the heat of summer or the cold of winter putting a strain on your HVAC unit, you can help prevent air leaks around the home by sealing any cracks or spaces around the windows. In rooms with many windows, consider adding weatherstripping around the frames to reduce a draft. Applying shrink film in the winter is another way to trap heat in and keep cold air out. Sealing cracks and gaps is an inexpensive way to significantly lower your energy bill.

Avoid Using Space Heater

As the weather turns colder, it may be tempting to turn on a space heater to quickly heat up the bedroom. Fall weather can be so unpredictable, and it doesn’t make sense to adjust the household units just yet. Instead of turning to a gas or electric space heater, try layering your clothing or using blankets to keep your feet toasty on the couch. Space heaters, unless specifically designated, are not considered energy-efficient.

Small changes, like changing over to LED bulbs, turning off the water when brushing your teeth, or starting a compost pile, can have a big impact on the environment. If everyone did a little, the Earth would reap significant benefits.

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