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Month: March 2021

Tips for Effective Plant Management

Plant maintenance is a crucial factor in reducing business interruption risks, but all too often maintenance mistakes rather than a lack of maintenance contribute to equipment failure and downtime. A maintenance plan for the entire plant must be sustainable and effective, and costs shouldn’t be the primary consideration as a reason to avoid or follow a specific process. From relying on gearbox inspections Southeast companies provide to investing in automated scheduling software, plant management must avoid making these maintenance mistakes if operations are going to be smooth and efficient.

1. Reducing Costs Quickly

Many are under the assumption that unless maintenance costs are quickly reduced, the overhead will force the company to take drastic measures in order to lower expenses. While it is possible to lower maintenance costs, there are too many variables that keep cuts from being made quickly and assertively. You can’t just cut certain roles or tasks in an effort to cut costs. Short-term maintenance strategies will damage the long-term productivity and performance of your plant. Ill-maintained assets will start to show in about a year or two.

2. Allowing the Status Quo to Continue

There are many plant managers who take over the role with every intention to help bring about change, yet find that technicians or operators are stuck in their ways and opposed to doing things differently. As a plant manager, you can’t allow the status quo to remain if it means poor maintenance schedules or a lack of resource planning.

Improvements take time, but everyone needs to be on board if the changes are going to make the situation better. You can use training, mentoring, job shadowing or other activities to engage seasoned employees with the new processes or procedures, but don’t back down if they are opposed to what you are doing.

3. Letting People Outshine the Machines

Too often the investments are made into the people that run the machines rather than the equipment itself. While it is true that people are one of your greatest assets, without the machines, there would be no product. Don’t allow underperforming people to dictate how well your machines are maintained or run. Establish clear expectations for cleaning, maintenance and operations, and set clear consequences for employees that don’t follow the rules. The machines are crucial to output. The people just supervise.

Plant management can be a tough job, as you oversee both man and machine. To improve productivity and machine reliability, focus on maintenance and getting all of your employees on the same page with proper operations and cleaning.

3 California Islands You Must See

California attracts visitors from all over the world. From the redwood forests in Northern California to coastal cities in Southern California, there is something for everyone to enjoy. For those who want to savor the beaches and ocean, California has islands all along the coast that each offers a unique experience. Whether you want a romantic getaway, an adventurous day trip or a family vacation, these islands will deliver.

Balboa Island

Balboa Island consists of three small islands connected by bridges. It is in the city of Newport Beach in Orange County, California. This island is small but offers a lot of family fun and relaxation. You can easily make a day trip to the islands, or vacation longer by staying at one of Balboa Island vacation rentals. Balboa is the perfect place to rent a bicycle and explore. There is a paved boardwalk that wraps around the whole island, only two and a half miles long. You can visit the many shops and waterfront restaurants. Or, take the kids to Balboa Fun Zone for a ride on the Ferris wheel. If you visit in the winter, you can catch the spectacular Christmas Boat Parade, where you’ll see everything from yachts to canoes decorated for the holidays cruise through Newport Harbor.

Angel Island

If you are staying in San Fransico and want to get away from the crowds to enjoy nature, then take a short ferry ride to Angel Island. Angel Island is part of the California State Park Service and offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Here, you can hike, bike and kayak around the island for the day or set up camp for the night. It is also home to historic buildings from the Civil War period, including the Immigration Station where self-guided tours are available. You can grab lunch at Angel Island Cafe and Cantina, then hike up to the peak of Mount Livermore to enjoy the rest of your day.

Catalina Island

When you step onto Catalina Island, just southwest of Los Angeles, you will feel like you are in the Mediterranean. European-style homes dot the landscape, along with outstanding restaurants and shops. This island was the secret paradise of film stars in the 1920s, and you can still feel that old Hollywood glamor. Most people explore the island on bicycles or golf carts because the number of cars is limited. Catalina Island is the perfect place to relax by the water and watch bald eagles, dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. You can also kayak, zip line or take a ride on a glass-bottom boat.

The Benefits of Using Aluminum for Your Windows

Aluminum is the preferred material that is used for a wide variety of creations. The metal is found in every home and in just about every mechanical device. But of all the ways aluminum is used, the one that matters the most is your windows. These entry points into your home are used to cool down a home, and they provide a unique look for your home. If you are looking to enhance your home, then contacting a company like White Aluminum Fort Myers is the place to start.

Aluminum is a great material and here is why many people prefer the material for their windows.

  • Aluminum windows are part of a sustainable industry. Recycled material is used in window construction. But the durability of the material is amazingly high.
  • Aluminum windows are stronger and last longer than most vinyl options.
  • These types of windows have high-performance ratings and are preferred above other options.
  • These windows can be crafted into any shape and can be colored to match just about any design option.
  • The material is long-lasting.

Aluminum windows make sense for a lot of reasons. You will find a lot of different options as you search for the perfect aluminum design for your home.

Can Our Ordinary Household Objects Cause Cancer?

Radiation is all around us; in the ground, in the air, and even in many everyday devices. High dosages of radiation cause cancer and other mutations in living things. Most standard items emit radiation at safe levels if used as directed. However, as new technologies become commonplace, questions can arise concerning potential radiation risks.

Microwave Ovens

As their name implies, microwave ovens cook food using microwaves. Once started, assuming the RF power dividers are properly operating, microwave ovens transmit high-frequency radio signals which excite the water particles in your food. The heat induced by these molecular vibrations is how the food gets cooked.

Microwaves issue radiofrequency, or RF, radiation, so called due to its position on the electromagnetic spectrum. RF waves are generally too low in frequency to hurt people, and are perfectly harmless within self-contained spaces. By design, microwaves don’t work unless their doors are fully sealed, so barring modifications, running a microwave is practically risk-free.

Cell Phones

Since their invention, the scientific community has witnessed contention on whether cell phones cause cancer. This debate flares up in the media periodically as new studies are published. Cellular phone signals are also a form of RF radiation, but unlike with microwave ovens, the carrier waves travel through open air and are beamed near users’ heads. In this context, some experts believe prolonged mobile phone use poses increased threats of various brain tumors.

Since virtually everyone owns a mobile phone, any possible risk is a real public health concern. Further and more extensive studies must be done to determine the precise dangers of constant cell phone usage.

Chemical Perils

When used or stored incorrectly, typical products around the house turn into health hazards. Synthetic air fresheners and carpet cleaning fluids frequently contain known carcinogenic substances. Additional probable carcinogens are present in everything from leather furniture to vinyl shower curtains, chemical pesticides and fiberglass insulation. Furthermore, outdated appliances such as older refrigerators and fluorescent lights can release toxic chemicals called PCB’s into your home, which can gradually accumulate in your body and those of other occupants. Homeowners should scrap Such devices for newer, safer models ASAP. Meanwhile, be careful to use air fresheners and cleaning products only in spaces with good ventilation, and always face away from the fumes.

In conclusion, some common items can certainly cause cancer, while others are basically benign. Still others require more research to tell. However harmless an object is perceived, treat all things radioactive with due caution.

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