With a worldwide pandemic affecting millions, more and more people are stuck at home, wishing they could update their existing living conditions or build something new. Currently, the single-family housing construction industry is booming and is up nearly 6% from 2019, according to kiplinger.com. Many builders are having a hard time keeping up. With that in mind, here are three must-have home design trends you may consider for your next home.  

Larger-Than-Life Garage

More people are opting for a home design Jacksonville FL that includes a larger than life garage area. Within the last five years, many households choose to include a three- or four-car garage in their home design. Often, oversized garages will also have 8-to-12-foot ceilings to accommodate trailers and other outdoor toys. 

Open Living and Outdoor Space

If you’re looking into building a new home, having an open living and outdoor space is one must-have design element that many are loving. Outdoor space is now much more stylish, sophisticated, and tuned in to technology. Additionally, accordion glass doors bring the outdoors in, combining both spaces to form one phenomenal entertaining area. 

Double Master Suite

Large custom homes with dual master suite options continue to grow in popularity among new home construction. Many people like the flexibility having two separate suites provide to their living situation. Those interested in a double suite often prefer luxury and comfortable living as well. 

If you’re beginning to shop for your next house plan, consider what elements are essential for your dream home. There are many growing trends, but it’s vital to choose what works best for you and your living situation when it comes down to it. For many in 2020, having a large open living and outdoor entertaining space is essential — additionally, other people like the flexibility of dual master suites.