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The Importance of Pool Table Services

If you want to keep your pool table in pristine condition, you should hire a professional service for this job. There are many disadvantages to moving heavy items, so hiring a professional service is a must. The billiards store Raleigh NC can take care of the entire process and let you sit back and relax while they do the heavy lifting. The pros also know the correct method for disassembling the table and re-felting its rubber cushions.


Disassembly of pool tables requires essential tools and knowledge of how to disassemble the pool table. Make sure you have eye protection and extra hands to help you. The legs are the easiest part to remove. Be sure to mark them and wrap them up for transportation. Then, please take out the slates and place them in a box. You can now disassemble the rest of the pool table.

Before you start disassembling the pool table, mark the parts meant to be transported. Wrapping the pool table correctly will help keep the pieces from tearing apart during transport. After that, load it into a truck and have it reassembled. If you’re moving to a new home, you don’t need to disassemble the pool table. Instead, you can hire a professional service to take care of the job.


Re-felting a pool table requires precision and skill. Professionals use tools designed for this job to ensure that the table is level and the felt is attached properly. The most challenging part of the process is stretching the felt and attaching it securely. In addition, the felt must be smooth and wrinkle-free. To begin, remove all rails and unscrew any screws or bolts that hold them. Next, remove any old felt or glue from the table surface.

Re-felting a pool table can cost anywhere from $125 to $280 an hour, depending on the size and type of pool table. Most tables are eight feet long, so the cost for this service increases accordingly. Also, consider the cost of adding bumpers, which will add $60 to $180. Re-felting services can be done together with bumper replacement. You can save money by doing both tasks at once if you have more than one pool table.


If you are looking for a reliable company to clean your pool table, you should consider using a professional service. A vacuum attachment with a strong suction power will help you remove all debris, but be sure not to use it on the playing surface. It could cause damage to the felt and will leave wrinkles. It is best to use a handheld vacuum attachment instead. Be sure to avoid the attachment’s hard edges and not use a brush with spinning parts.

You should also learn how to clean a pool table yourself. There are many tips and tricks for cleaning a pool table that will make the process easier and more convenient. The first step is to wipe any visible dirt and spills with a cloth. Regular household wood cleaners can be used on the cabinet and rails but do not use on leather. Then, you can wipe off the surface with a clean cloth.

Rubber cushions

Changing the rail cushions on a pool table can be a tricky endeavor. Not only should you know the correct shape of your rails, but you should also know the different profiles of pool table rail cushions. The correct profile is based on the height of the pool table and how the ball will make contact with the rail. 

Unlike the spongy surfaces of a pool table, rubber cushions have more impact on the game. They bounce pool balls and retain their kinetic energy. These pool table accessories can last anywhere from twenty to twenty-five years. But some types of pool tables require replacement cushions sooner than others. Then it is time to start investing in your pool table! 


Professional moving services are vital to ensuring the safety of your pool table. Billiard tables are typically made of slate and covered with felt, making them a substantial object to handle. In addition, moving the table yourself can cause structural damage and require specialized tools and techniques. Pool table services offer the necessary tools and experience to ensure the safety of your investment. They also provide free quotes for moving your pool table. 

A professional company can move and reassemble a pool table without damaging it. They have the manpower and insurance to deal with damages that might occur during the move. Because pool tables are so heavy, moving them yourself can be tricky. One misstep could ruin your investment. So, entrusting your pool table’s safety to the professionals is much easier.


If you’ve purchased a pool table, the next question is how to move it. There are many services available to move pool tables, but the cost of these services can be a bit expensive. The distance and logistics of moving your pool table will determine the cost. A simple in-house move is usually the cheapest option, but you may have to pay more for stairs and fuel. If you’re moving your pool table to a storage facility, you may have to pay extra for fuel and tolls. Moving it across town or to a storage facility will determine the cost. You can also disassemble your pool table and transport it yourself with a crate. Remember that distance and weight will be the biggest factors in the overall cost.

In some cases, pool tables may need repair and re-felting. A full-service call will cost almost $100. You can also get your pool table leveled for a few hundred dollars, depending on the type of felt. If you’re considering having a pool table re-felted, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $520. But if you’re moving into a new place and want to avoid the hassle of trying to assemble the table yourself, consider buying a new one.

3 Tips for Selecting Colors and Textures for Your Home

Color and texture play a substantial part in the interior design of your residence. Color can make you feel energized or sluggish, for example, so it makes sense to surround you and your family with the colors that assist you in living a robust and enthusiastic life in the home. Texture gives the eye visual and tactile interest, and contrasting and complementary surfaces can further enhance your living spaces. When you want to change to your current house’s interior appearance, or when you embark on a new home design, you can keep in mind three color and texture ideas to create the home in which you always wanted to live.

1. Color Choices

When you look at magazines or television, which colors draw your attention? Those moments of attraction can offer clues to color selections you might want to include in your home. Next, use that inspiration to start making color samples on paper using colored pencils, markers and even crayons to document your color ideas so they can come together. Finally, you may begin to see exciting color patterns evolving.

2. Texture Selections

If you want to create distinctive interiors Boston MA designers suggest considering the textures you include in your home style. The texture consists of the way surfaces feel. Smooth or woven, fine or coarse, soft or hard surfaces can all find uses in the types of flooring, furniture fabrics and wall coverings that get utilized in your home refresh. Think about where you will apply the texture and what textures you find feel and look inviting.

3. Analyze Spaces

Live in your home for a time before beginning a new interior design phase. For instance, both color and texture can influence the room’s mood. If you have an open-plan home, the hues selected need to flow and coordinate throughout the spaces. Which areas might benefit from an accent color or texture to highlight them? 

Although many find this type of design challenging, by integrating these tips into your process and with the assistance of interior design services, you will create a winning interior you love.

Is Your Home Looking Dingy? Do These 4 Chores To Restore Its Look

When you purchased your home, you invested in a place of shelter and a real estate investment. Many owners buy something that looks appealing, spruced up for the seller to truly appreciate the property’s value. However, after a few years, that look can fade, leaving residents with something that is no longer attractive. Hiding behind layers of dirt and use, though, are good bones. They require the right cleaning. Regain your home’s newness by doing the following four tasks.

1. Clean the Carpets

You’ve trekked throughout the house for several years. Whether you’re wearing shoes or not, that’s a lot of movement and plenty of dirt and dust. Vacuuming picks up much of the daily environmental hazards, but it doesn’t care for the stains and loss of softness. To regain your original shade and improve texture, have the floors scrubbed with industrial equipment. 

2. Repair Roof Problems

The sunshine and heat reduce the shingle’s coloring. It can also lead to cracks that cause water penetration. Also, severe weather such as thunderstorms and hail may dent the rooftop. These are important cosmetic and structural elements that detract from the home’s style. You may not need to replace everything; tend to the smaller problems to enhance the surface. Work with specialists in St Louis residential roofing to fix these concerns.

3. Scrub the Windows

The glass surrounding your home should be clear and lustrous. Fingerprints, grease and pollen blemish it, leaving you looking out and those looking inside with smudges rather than clarity. Take the time to remove the grime. Use soap, water and a microfiber towel. If that’s not enough, hire a pressure washing company to do the entire outside. The force of the hose is often also enough to remove mold and mildew buildup.

4. Freshen Greenery

Improve the color on the grounds by sprucing up the foliage. Trim overgrown trees and bushes. Replace dead plants. Consider adding contrasts to the paint shade. While green itself is lovely, your brown walls may pop out a bit more with a pink or red. Ask the local landscapers about which native plants do well with the soil, and think about the amount of sunshine and maintenance for your selections. You likely want something simple to care for and that lasts for more than one year.

If you’re tired of your home’s aesthetics, make some small changes and clean up your main areas. By cleaning frequented areas and adding a bit of color, you may fall back in love with your place again.

Can Our Ordinary Household Objects Cause Cancer?

Radiation is all around us; in the ground, in the air, and even in many everyday devices. High dosages of radiation cause cancer and other mutations in living things. Most standard items emit radiation at safe levels if used as directed. However, as new technologies become commonplace, questions can arise concerning potential radiation risks.

Microwave Ovens

As their name implies, microwave ovens cook food using microwaves. Once started, assuming the RF power dividers are properly operating, microwave ovens transmit high-frequency radio signals which excite the water particles in your food. The heat induced by these molecular vibrations is how the food gets cooked.

Microwaves issue radiofrequency, or RF, radiation, so called due to its position on the electromagnetic spectrum. RF waves are generally too low in frequency to hurt people, and are perfectly harmless within self-contained spaces. By design, microwaves don’t work unless their doors are fully sealed, so barring modifications, running a microwave is practically risk-free.

Cell Phones

Since their invention, the scientific community has witnessed contention on whether cell phones cause cancer. This debate flares up in the media periodically as new studies are published. Cellular phone signals are also a form of RF radiation, but unlike with microwave ovens, the carrier waves travel through open air and are beamed near users’ heads. In this context, some experts believe prolonged mobile phone use poses increased threats of various brain tumors.

Since virtually everyone owns a mobile phone, any possible risk is a real public health concern. Further and more extensive studies must be done to determine the precise dangers of constant cell phone usage.

Chemical Perils

When used or stored incorrectly, typical products around the house turn into health hazards. Synthetic air fresheners and carpet cleaning fluids frequently contain known carcinogenic substances. Additional probable carcinogens are present in everything from leather furniture to vinyl shower curtains, chemical pesticides and fiberglass insulation. Furthermore, outdated appliances such as older refrigerators and fluorescent lights can release toxic chemicals called PCB’s into your home, which can gradually accumulate in your body and those of other occupants. Homeowners should scrap Such devices for newer, safer models ASAP. Meanwhile, be careful to use air fresheners and cleaning products only in spaces with good ventilation, and always face away from the fumes.

In conclusion, some common items can certainly cause cancer, while others are basically benign. Still others require more research to tell. However harmless an object is perceived, treat all things radioactive with due caution.

Identifying and Treating Bed Bugs

Have you been waking up in the morning itching, thinking you have been bitten by mosquitoes? You may want to peel back those bedsheets and search your mattress for bed bugs Fort Myers. These tiny creatures turn red after feeding on your blood, and they tend to multiply in record numbers.

Signs of Infestation

First of all, if you wake up with itchy red bumps that you didn’t have before you went to sleep, that is one indication that you may have bed bugs. This may be particularly true if you acquired a used bed or couch around the time that this itchiness began.

Look for blood stains on your pillowcases or sheets, as well as rusty-looking spots on your walls and pajamas. Keep an eye out for shed skins or eggshells in areas where bed bugs may hide. You also may notice a musty odor.

If you suspect an infestation, take the dust cover off the box springs and inspect the wood frame carefully. Also, examine any objects in the area around the bed, such as books and radios.

Treatments for Bedbugs

To get rid of bed bugs, you need to clean up the places where they live. You may want to throw out your mattress and get a new one. However, unless you get rid of bed bugs in the rest of the home, they will infest your new mattress too.

Everything from your bedding, curtains, linens and clothing should be washed in hot water and then dried on the highest setting. Vacuum your bed and the area around it often. After you are finished vacuuming, immediately put the vacuum bag in a plastic sack and place it outside in the garbage can.

You should carefully put your box spring and mattress into an insect-proof zippered bag to prevent bedbugs from entering or escaping. Be sure to keep the mattress cover on for at least a year because bed bugs can survive this long without feeding. Eliminate any clutter around your bed.

Extermination of Bedbugs

This process is helpful in controlling bed bugs but not eliminating them. To get rid of them for good, you need professional chemical treatments. Since it can be harmful to treat your bedroom area with insecticides, it is best to leave this procedure up to the experts. A mattress and bedding should not be cared for with any chemical unless the label indicates that it can specifically be used on bedding.

3 Must-Have Home Design Trends in 2020

With a worldwide pandemic affecting millions, more and more people are stuck at home, wishing they could update their existing living conditions or build something new. Currently, the single-family housing construction industry is booming and is up nearly 6% from 2019, according to Many builders are having a hard time keeping up. With that in mind, here are three must-have home design trends you may consider for your next home.  

Larger-Than-Life Garage

More people are opting for a home design Jacksonville FL that includes a larger than life garage area. Within the last five years, many households choose to include a three- or four-car garage in their home design. Often, oversized garages will also have 8-to-12-foot ceilings to accommodate trailers and other outdoor toys. 

Open Living and Outdoor Space

If you’re looking into building a new home, having an open living and outdoor space is one must-have design element that many are loving. Outdoor space is now much more stylish, sophisticated, and tuned in to technology. Additionally, accordion glass doors bring the outdoors in, combining both spaces to form one phenomenal entertaining area. 

Double Master Suite

Large custom homes with dual master suite options continue to grow in popularity among new home construction. Many people like the flexibility having two separate suites provide to their living situation. Those interested in a double suite often prefer luxury and comfortable living as well. 

If you’re beginning to shop for your next house plan, consider what elements are essential for your dream home. There are many growing trends, but it’s vital to choose what works best for you and your living situation when it comes down to it. For many in 2020, having a large open living and outdoor entertaining space is essential — additionally, other people like the flexibility of dual master suites. 

Considerations for Buying a New Mattress

An old mattress can affect the quality of your sleep and cause you unnecessary back pain. If you’re thinking that you probably need a new mattress, you shouldn’t put it off too for too long. Getting a new mattress can make going to be much more comfortable. Here are some important things to keep in mind about replacing a mattress.

Make a Plan for Removing Your Old Mattress

Depending on where you live, you may not be able to simply leave your mattress on the curb for a trash collector. Condominium and apartment buildings generally have rules about how residents may dispose of mattresses. If you need help with an old mattress pickup Palo Alto CA, reach out to a company that can take away your old mattress quickly and affordably.

Get a Topper

When you get a new mattress, adding a topper can help it stay in good shape for longer. You can replace your topper after a few years instead of having to replace an entire mattress. Memory foam is one of the most popular types of mattress toppers.

Consider a Larger Mattress

Sometimes people will buy the same size mattress that they had before simply because that’s what they’re used to. However, if you share your bed and find yourself cramped sometimes by your significant other or a pet, it’s well worth considering a move up in size. Of course, you’ll likely have to get a new frame and new sheets, but any extra room that adds to your comfort is well worth the investment.

When you’ve resolved to replace an old mattress, shop around and look for a mattress that’s well reviewed and has a good price. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your mattress, so it’s very important to get something that you’ll be happy with for years to come.  

Why You Should Consider Antique and Vintage Furniture

Many people rush to replace old furniture as soon as it becomes worn or outdated. Anyone who has furniture that has been in their family for generations knows what it takes to make older pieces relevant to contemporary homes. Here are some of the benefits of decorating with antique and vintage furniture.

Green Option

Production facilities that produce new furniture consume large amounts of energy and rob the environment of natural resources, including trees. Mass-produced furniture of recent decades often consists of particleboard. This material contains unhealthy chemicals like formaldehyde that have adverse health consequences.  

Quality Construction

Many people actively search for older pieces to furnish their homes. Some regions have thriving antique markets that specialize in furniture from a variety of periods and styles. If you are looking for antique couches Newton Highlands MA or vintage dining chairs in New Hope, PA, you will find something sturdy and well constructed. Repairs, including re-upholstery or refinishing, are less costly than purchasing new pieces of lesser quality.


Peoples’ homes often represent parts of their history. A sideboard or dresser that belonged to a favorite relative can be a tangible reminder of that person. By investing in the repair of pieces that have sentimental value, people create continuity from generation to generation.

Unique Design

Mass-produced furniture can have a sterile appearance with little character. Unique design features of very high-end furniture are very costly. Antique and vintage pieces frequently showcase handcrafted elements that give them a one-of-a-kind quality at an affordable price. Combining old silhouettes and styles with unexpected elements like unusual paint colors or upholstery fabrics can make a piece look old and modern at the same time. 

If a relative offers to give you an old chair that has been in the family for decades, don’t be too quick to turn it down. It may end up being the showpiece of your home.

Interesting Ways You Can Change the Look of Your Walls

When your rooms need an update, you may think picking a new paint color is your only option. In reality, there are several ways you can change things up. However, these probably won’t be options for exterior painting Galt CA. Pick your favorite and try it next time you are in a creative mood.

Removable Wallpaper

One of the greatest inventions for stylish people in rented properties everywhere, removable wallpaper can make a dramatic statement. From a full-wall mural to a small powder room, you can customize your entire apartment without making long-term changes. 

Color Washing

If you want to attempt some exciting paint effects, color washing is an easy one to try. It is almost impossible to mess it up, as you are merely layering one color over an entirely different one to create depth and interest.


Sponging is precisely what it sounds like. A sponge is used instead of a brush or roller to dab paint onto a surface. It adds texture and contrast to an otherwise ordinary look. You can use multiple shades of the same pigment or just one complementary paint hue over the base coat.


This beautiful-sounding technique simply means streaking in French. A brush is used to make lines of paint that can give the illusion of linen-like texture. Vertical or horizontal lines can be applied. If you are feeling really creative, you could combine the two for a cross-hatch design. 


In recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about ombre as a hair coloring technique. When one hue gently transitions to another, that is ombre. Picture a watercolor painting where the sky fades into the ocean. 

Be bold and try something new. From expert to novice, there are many techniques for walls that you can use to fit your taste and abilities. 

Tips to Create a Beautiful Kitchen

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, there are several ways you can create a truly unique space to call your own. With so many different design styles to suit homeowners’ various needs and personalities, there is something for just about everyone. If you’re not sure where to get started with your kitchen remodel, here are some helpful design tips that can result in a beautifully finished kitchen. 

Update Lighting

A great way to spruce up your kitchen is to update old dingy lighting. There are several lighting styles you can use in your kitchen to create the right mood. You can even mix up lighting styles to add a touch of personality to your finished kitchen. 

Invest in Appliances

Appliances make a bold statement in how a kitchen looks. Gone are the days when kitchen appliances simply serve a utilitarian purpose. People can now find kitchen appliances rockville md to match their personality and unique style. In addition to giving your kitchen a unique look, new appliances are often more efficient and can save you money on your monthly energy bills. 

Resurface Cabinetry

Old kitchen cabinets can make a room look dated. If your cabinets are still in good shape and you want to save money, you can simply refinish them to update their look. If, however, they are falling apart or have suffered damage over the years, then replacing them with new cabinets can add a beautiful touch to your kitchen. 

Add Some Art

Artwork doesn’t have to be confined to the dining room and living room of your home. You can add artistic elements into your kitchen to create an eye-popping look that showcases your individual style. Adding a touch of artistic style to your kitchen can create a conversation piece when you’re entertaining and draw the eye in when you enter the room. 


Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your kitchen and liven up the space. Don’t be afraid of fun colors either, as they show off your unique style.

Using these helpful design tips, you can create the kitchen of your dreams. 

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