In uncertain times, essential businesses have remained open to provide important goods and services to the public. If you operate one of these businesses, you know how important (and stressful) sanitation can be. Here are three ways to take the headache out of your cleaning plan.

1. Disinfect Surfaces

Viruses can survive on surfaces for long periods, depending on the type of surface. For this reason, frequent and thorough cleaning is an important factor in maintaining the safety of your business. Hiring a company that specializes in Covid-19 decontamination Washington DC can give you peace of mind that your environment has been cleaned according to industry standards. Also, consider providing hand sanitizing stations for customers and employees to minimize germ transfer to commonly touched surfaces.

2. Purify the Air

Because germs can travel through the air, consider some air purification options to make your space safer. Depending on your situation and preference, you can add an air-cleaning device to your existing HVAC unit or purchase a standalone air purifier. Both options can reduce the number of germs in the air and reduce the risk of infection.

3. Minimize Occupants

Allowing fewer occupants in your business can have a positive impact on the safety and quality of your air. Having fewer people in a space can reduce the number of germs in the air and minimize the spread of diseases by allowing occupants to keep a safe distance from one another. A smaller crowd can provide more time for enhanced cleaning efforts between customer visits, as well. You may want to consider having your employees wear masks and suggesting that customers do the same to decrease germ spread. 

While attempting to adjust to this “new normal,” we can all be proactive in slowing the spread of infectious diseases. Follow these three steps to allow your business to safely operate while providing essential services to your community.