Without a doubt, Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a beautiful city to visit. If you have never been there before, you are in for a surprise. Many Americans call this lovely place home, and even more people come to visit.

Some who visit the city are investors that clear acreage Tulsa OK to contribute to the upward growth of the local economy. Others who stop into town come with less-permanent intentions and only pass through. Regardless of why you end up in Tulsa, however, there are many places worth visiting on your visit. Here are the top five:

1. Philbrook Museum of Art

If you are someone who appreciates art and the experience of visiting museums, then one of the best things to do while you are in Tulsa is to check out the Philbrook Museum of Art. With impressive displays to captivate your attention for hours, it is definitely worth a stop.

2. Tulsa Botanic Garden

For those who prefer outdoor activities and walking around among nature, the Tulsa Botanic Garden is definitely the place to be. With thousands of beautiful plants and flowers to read about and observe, this garden is a nature lover’s paradise. 

3. BOK Center

Folks who love a good show will love Tulsa’s BOK Center. Hosting some of the biggest shows, games and concerts, the center offers a massive and comfortable venue for seating thousands of people at some of the country’s top events. 

4. Tulsa Zoo

Calling all animal lovers! Another fun outdoor activity that is perfect for the whole family, the Tulsa Zoo offers an affordable and relaxing way to spend a day in the city. Check out the rhinos, monkeys and tigers, and then make your way over to the fish and birds!

5. Center of the Universe

Did you know that Tulsa in at the center of the universe? If you are scratching your head in itching curiosity, then you will not want to miss this interesting and unique attraction that is perfect for those who love to think.The next time you are in Tulsa, check out these places!