Don’t wait for something to break, leak, or crumble in your workspace or home. Develop plans to maintain all of the buildings you occupy. You don’t need to make long lists. Simply treat work and living spaces as if they could also become sick. In a way, they can. A healthy building will benefit your health, too.

Hidden and Important

Even if you can’t see part of your workspace, that area might still contain items that need regular replacements or maintenance. A leaking pipe can begin with small stains and stretch to damage a whole room. Wires that stick out and faulty outlets can become safety hazards, especially if your facility is a daycare and children have access to those dangers. What about the air you and other occupants breathe regularly? Stick to a schedule for changing sterile air filters VA in your building. Follow recommendations and learn which filters fit and are compatible with your system.


When floorboards and tiles start to become tripping traps, it is time for more than a cosmetic change. Remove any exposed nails from floorboards and pry up tiles to press into new grout. These approaches, however, may only provide temporary fixes. So, ask around and find a flooring specialist who can assist you and ensure that your next floor is both secure and appealing. Even if you don’t need to do anything with your floors yet, try to adopt a cleaning schedule. Just by keeping floors swept, you can reduce the build-up of things you could trip on.


Regardless of the type of furniture you have, it’s important to replace objects before they fall apart. A collapsing chair will elicit much more laughter in a cartoon than in reality. If a seat starts to make new noises or droop, this is a sign to begin shopping for a replacement. Repair work isn’t an option for every article of furniture, but for some items, you can reupholster. Look for options to repair your furniture before you discard it.


If it is in your budget, think about building on to your property or adding new equipment. Speak to builders for large projects before embarking on anything complicated. Always take time to learn what options you have. For instance, call several solar companies before deciding on a company if solar power is something you want to add. Solar panels come in a few types, and each company may have different offerings.

A healthy building is one that functions in your favor. Add what you need and clean up what you don’t.