Our homes are a great place to start if we are trying to establish a more sustainable existence. Through small changes that are easily integrated into our lives, we can reduce our environmental impact. We can create a world where our children can have the future they deserve.

Reduce Your Energy Use

If you are constructing a space, consider using a contractor who is known for creating energy efficient homes PA. While construction projects can often lead to a great deal of waste and impact on the environment, by choosing a green path during the building phase, you can make a huge difference in your sustainability practices. It can all begin from the ground up.  

Reduce Your Food Waste

There are many homes where family portion sizes massive and when they’re too large you can find yourself with leftovers. When discarded because you forget or due to an abundance of food, this can have a major impact on the environment. Addressing food waste at home is an easy way to reduce your environmental effects. Consider being more mindful of portions and only buying food for the meals you will eat. If you reduce your food waste, you can have a major influence on your environmental impact.

Reduce Your Plastic Use

Plastics and one-time use items plague our world. These disposable items not only are inefficient, but they are also wasteful and most often end up in landfills. By making a concerted effort to reduce your use of plastics and one-time use items, such as water bottles, plastic bags, coffee cups and dining supplies, you can begin to go greener.

Through small changes in our behavior and a concerted effort to changing how we treat our planet and its resources, we can support its future. Don’t leave future generations to clean up our mess and do your part now.