Many people rush to replace old furniture as soon as it becomes worn or outdated. Anyone who has furniture that has been in their family for generations knows what it takes to make older pieces relevant to contemporary homes. Here are some of the benefits of decorating with antique and vintage furniture.

Green Option

Production facilities that produce new furniture consume large amounts of energy and rob the environment of natural resources, including trees. Mass-produced furniture of recent decades often consists of particleboard. This material contains unhealthy chemicals like formaldehyde that have adverse health consequences.  

Quality Construction

Many people actively search for older pieces to furnish their homes. Some regions have thriving antique markets that specialize in furniture from a variety of periods and styles. If you are looking for antique couches Newton Highlands MA or vintage dining chairs in New Hope, PA, you will find something sturdy and well constructed. Repairs, including re-upholstery or refinishing, are less costly than purchasing new pieces of lesser quality.


Peoples’ homes often represent parts of their history. A sideboard or dresser that belonged to a favorite relative can be a tangible reminder of that person. By investing in the repair of pieces that have sentimental value, people create continuity from generation to generation.

Unique Design

Mass-produced furniture can have a sterile appearance with little character. Unique design features of very high-end furniture are very costly. Antique and vintage pieces frequently showcase handcrafted elements that give them a one-of-a-kind quality at an affordable price. Combining old silhouettes and styles with unexpected elements like unusual paint colors or upholstery fabrics can make a piece look old and modern at the same time. 

If a relative offers to give you an old chair that has been in the family for decades, don’t be too quick to turn it down. It may end up being the showpiece of your home.